Commit 38759d61 authored by Colin Ian King's avatar Colin Ian King Committed by Jason Gunthorpe
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RDMA/hns: ensure for-loop actually iterates and free's buffers

The current for-loop zeros variable i and only loops once, hence
not all the buffers are free'd.  Fix this by setting i correctly.

Detected by CoverityScan, CID#1463415 ("Operands don't affect result")

Fixes: a5073d60

 ("RDMA/hns: Add eq support of hip08")
Signed-off-by: default avatarColin Ian King <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarYixian Liu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Gunthorpe <>
parent c8d3bcbf
......@@ -4383,7 +4383,7 @@ static int hns_roce_mhop_alloc_eq(struct hns_roce_dev *hr_dev,
eq->l0_dma = 0;
if (mhop_num == 1)
for (i -= i; i >= 0; i--)
for (i -= 1; i >= 0; i--)
dma_free_coherent(dev, buf_chk_sz, eq->buf[i],
else if (mhop_num == 2) {
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