Commit 980f91c3 authored by Alex Vesker's avatar Alex Vesker Committed by Saeed Mahameed
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IB/ipoib: Add ability to set PKEY index to lower device driver

To support passing child interfaces to the lower device a new
rdma_netdev function was used, set_id. This will allow us to
attach the PKEY index lower device resources such as TIS/QP.
For devices that do not support offloads in IPoIB same logic
will be used, setting the PKEY index to priv struct.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Vesker <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarErez Shitrit <>
parent b4b678b0
......@@ -893,13 +893,17 @@ int ipoib_ib_dev_open(struct net_device *dev)
void ipoib_pkey_dev_check_presence(struct net_device *dev)
struct ipoib_dev_priv *priv = ipoib_priv(dev);
struct rdma_netdev *rn = netdev_priv(dev);
if (!(priv->pkey & 0x7fff) ||
ib_find_pkey(priv->ca, priv->port, priv->pkey,
&priv->pkey_index)) {
clear_bit(IPOIB_PKEY_ASSIGNED, &priv->flags);
} else {
if (rn->set_id)
rn->set_id(dev, priv->pkey_index);
set_bit(IPOIB_PKEY_ASSIGNED, &priv->flags);
void ipoib_ib_dev_up(struct net_device *dev)
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