Commit 9a51c6b1 authored by Rafael J. Wysocki's avatar Rafael J. Wysocki
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ACPI/PCI: PM: Add missing wakeup.flags.valid checks

Both acpi_pci_need_resume() and acpi_dev_needs_resume() check if the
current ACPI wakeup configuration of the device matches what is
expected as far as system wakeup from sleep states is concerned, as
reflected by the device_may_wakeup() return value for the device.

However, they only should do that if wakeup.flags.valid is set for
the device's ACPI companion, because otherwise the wakeup.prepare_count
value for it is meaningless.

Add the missing wakeup.flags.valid checks to these functions.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRafael J. Wysocki <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMika Westerberg <>
parent cd6c84d8
......@@ -952,8 +952,8 @@ static bool acpi_dev_needs_resume(struct device *dev, struct acpi_device *adev)
u32 sys_target = acpi_target_system_state();
int ret, state;
if (!pm_runtime_suspended(dev) || !adev ||
device_may_wakeup(dev) != !!adev->wakeup.prepare_count)
if (!pm_runtime_suspended(dev) || !adev || (adev->wakeup.flags.valid &&
device_may_wakeup(dev) != !!adev->wakeup.prepare_count))
return true;
if (sys_target == ACPI_STATE_S0)
......@@ -733,7 +733,8 @@ static bool acpi_pci_need_resume(struct pci_dev *dev)
if (!adev || !acpi_device_power_manageable(adev))
return false;
if (device_may_wakeup(&dev->dev) != !!adev->wakeup.prepare_count)
if (adev->wakeup.flags.valid &&
device_may_wakeup(&dev->dev) != !!adev->wakeup.prepare_count)
return true;
if (acpi_target_system_state() == ACPI_STATE_S0)
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