Commit d7c46114 authored by Vineet Gupta's avatar Vineet Gupta
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ARC: boot log: remove awkward space comma from MMU line

Signed-off-by: default avatarVineet Gupta <>
parent a024fd9b
......@@ -793,16 +793,16 @@ char *arc_mmu_mumbojumbo(int cpu_id, char *buf, int len)
char super_pg[64] = "";
if (p_mmu->s_pg_sz_m)
scnprintf(super_pg, 64, "%dM Super Page%s, ",
scnprintf(super_pg, 64, "%dM Super Page %s",
n += scnprintf(buf + n, len - n,
"MMU [v%x]\t: %dk PAGE, %sJTLB %d (%dx%d), uDTLB %d, uITLB %d %s%s\n",
"MMU [v%x]\t: %dk PAGE, %sJTLB %d (%dx%d), uDTLB %d, uITLB %d%s%s\n",
p_mmu->ver, p_mmu->pg_sz_k, super_pg,
p_mmu->sets * p_mmu->ways, p_mmu->sets, p_mmu->ways,
p_mmu->u_dtlb, p_mmu->u_itlb,
IS_AVAIL2(p_mmu->pae, "PAE40 ", CONFIG_ARC_HAS_PAE40));
IS_AVAIL2(p_mmu->pae, ", PAE40 ", CONFIG_ARC_HAS_PAE40));
return buf;
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