Commit efa56375 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge tag 'upstream-4.9-rc3' of git://

Pull ubi/ubifs fixes from Richard Weinberger:
 "This contains fixes for issues in both UBI and UBIFS:

   - A regression wrt overlayfs, introduced in -rc2.
   - An UBI issue, found by Dan Carpenter's static checker"

* tag 'upstream-4.9-rc3' of git://
  ubifs: Fix regression in ubifs_readdir()
  ubi: fastmap: Fix add_vol() return value test in ubi_attach_fastmap()
parents 2674235f a00052a2
......@@ -707,11 +707,11 @@ static int ubi_attach_fastmap(struct ubi_device *ubi,
if (!av)
goto fail_bad;
if (PTR_ERR(av) == -EINVAL) {
ubi_err(ubi, "volume (ID %i) already exists",
if (IS_ERR(av)) {
if (PTR_ERR(av) == -EEXIST)
ubi_err(ubi, "volume (ID %i) already exists",
goto fail_bad;
......@@ -543,6 +543,14 @@ static int ubifs_readdir(struct file *file, struct dir_context *ctx)
if (err != -ENOENT)
ubifs_err(c, "cannot find next direntry, error %d", err);
* -ENOENT is a non-fatal error in this context, the TNC uses
* it to indicate that the cursor moved past the current directory
* and readdir() has to stop.
err = 0;
/* 2 is a special value indicating that there are no more direntries */
ctx->pos = 2;
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