Commit 1a4049dd authored by Paul Gortmaker's avatar Paul Gortmaker Committed by James Bottomley
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[SCSI] aci7xxx_old: delete decade+ obsolete driver

After getting warnings in an allyesconfig build[1] from this
driver, I decided to remind myself just how old it was, and
whether it warranted fixing.  In the Kconfig help text, I found:

  "This driver will eventually be phased out entirely"

Going back to the history archive, I see the line was added[2]
in Feb 2002, when we moved from v2.4.2.1 ---> v2.4.2.2

So, with over a decade of notification, and multiple major releases
since then, I think we can justify removing this.  Currently we have
people wasting time building it during routine testing, and then
wasting more time re-researching the known reported warnings, only to
find that nobody really is willing to integrate the fixes[3] for it.

A quick search didn't seem to indicate any active user base for it.
If someone happens to have a quirky _old_ card that the eleven year
old "new" driver doesn't work with, then it is entirely reasonable
that they stick with a kernel version that predates this removal.

[1] drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c: In function ‘aic7xxx_register’:
    drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c:7901:5: warning: case value ‘257’ not in enumerated type ‘ahc_chip’ [-Wswitch]
    drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c:7898:5: warning: case value ‘513’ not in enumerated type ‘ahc_chip’ [-Wswitch]
    drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c: In function ‘aic7xxx_load_seeprom’:
    drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c:8517:5: warning: case value ‘257’ not in enumerated type ‘ahc_chip’ [-Wswitch]
    drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old.c:8510:5: warning: case value ‘513’ not in enumerated type ‘ahc_chip’ [-Wswitch]

[2] commit 44e8778c


Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Gortmaker <>
Acked-by: default avatarHannes Reinecke <>
Acked-by: default avatarDoug Ledford <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent 59ab3c93
......@@ -42,8 +42,6 @@ aic79xx.txt
- Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI host adapters
- info on driver for Adaptec controllers
- info on driver for Adaptec controllers, old generation
- ARECA FIRMWARE SPEC (for IOP331 adapter)
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......@@ -484,7 +484,6 @@ M: Hannes Reinecke <>
S: Maintained
F: drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/
F: drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old/
M: Hans Verkuil <>
......@@ -499,47 +499,6 @@ config SCSI_AACRAID
source "drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/Kconfig.aic7xxx"
tristate "Adaptec AIC7xxx support (old driver)"
depends on (ISA || EISA || PCI ) && SCSI
WARNING This driver is an older aic7xxx driver and is no longer
under active development. Adaptec, Inc. is writing a new driver to
take the place of this one, and it is recommended that whenever
possible, people should use the new Adaptec written driver instead
of this one. This driver will eventually be phased out entirely.
This is support for the various aic7xxx based Adaptec SCSI
controllers. These include the 274x EISA cards; 284x VLB cards;
2902, 2910, 293x, 294x, 394x, 3985 and several other PCI and
motherboard based SCSI controllers from Adaptec. It does not support
the AAA-13x RAID controllers from Adaptec, nor will it likely ever
support them. It does not support the 2920 cards from Adaptec that
use the Future Domain SCSI controller chip. For those cards, you
need the "Future Domain 16xx SCSI support" driver.
In general, if the controller is based on an Adaptec SCSI controller
chip from the aic777x series or the aic78xx series, this driver
should work. The only exception is the 7810 which is specifically
not supported (that's the RAID controller chip on the AAA-13x
Note that the AHA2920 SCSI host adapter is *not* supported by this
driver; choose "Future Domain 16xx SCSI support" instead if you have
one of those.
Information on the configuration options for this controller can be
found by checking the help file for each of the available
configuration options. You should read
<file:Documentation/scsi/aic7xxx_old.txt> at a minimum before
contacting the maintainer with any questions. The SCSI-HOWTO,
available from <>, can also
be of great help.
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
module will be called aic7xxx_old.
source "drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/Kconfig.aic79xx"
source "drivers/scsi/aic94xx/Kconfig"
source "drivers/scsi/mvsas/Kconfig"
......@@ -70,7 +70,6 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1740) += aha1740.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX) += aic7xxx/
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AIC79XX) += aic7xxx/
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AACRAID) += aacraid/
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX_OLD) += aic7xxx_old.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_AIC94XX) += aic94xx/
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_PM8001) += pm8001/
obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI_ISCI) += isci/
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* Adaptec AIC7xxx device driver for Linux.
* Copyright (c) 1994 John Aycock
* The University of Calgary Department of Computer Science.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
* $Id: aic7xxx.h,v 3.2 1996/07/23 03:37:26 deang Exp $
#ifndef _aic7xxx_h
#define _aic7xxx_h
#define AIC7XXX_H_VERSION "5.2.0"
#endif /* _aic7xxx_h */
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This diff is collapsed.
* Adaptec AIC7xxx device driver proc support for Linux.
* Copyright (c) 1995, 1996 Dean W. Gehnert
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------
* o Modified from the EATA-DMA /proc support.
* o Additional support for device block statistics provided by
* Matthew Jacob.
* o Correction of overflow by Heinz Mauelshagen
* o Adittional corrections by Doug Ledford
* Dean W. Gehnert,, 05/01/96
* $Id: aic7xxx_proc.c,v 4.1 1997/06/97 08:23:42 deang Exp $
#define HDRB \
" 0 - 4K 4 - 16K 16 - 64K 64 - 256K 256K - 1M 1M+"
* Function:
* aic7xxx_show_info
* Description:
* Return information to handle /proc support for the driver.
aic7xxx_show_info(struct seq_file *m, struct Scsi_Host *HBAptr)
struct aic7xxx_host *p;
struct aic_dev_data *aic_dev;
struct scsi_device *sdptr;
unsigned char i;
unsigned char tindex;
for(p=first_aic7xxx; p && p->host != HBAptr; p=p->next)
if (!p)
seq_printf(m, "Can't find adapter for host number %d\n", HBAptr->host_no);
return 0;
p = (struct aic7xxx_host *) HBAptr->hostdata;
seq_printf(m, "Adaptec AIC7xxx driver version: ");
seq_printf(m, "%s/", AIC7XXX_C_VERSION);
seq_printf(m, "%s", AIC7XXX_H_VERSION);
seq_printf(m, "\n");
seq_printf(m, "Adapter Configuration:\n");
seq_printf(m, " SCSI Adapter: %s\n",
if (p->flags & AHC_TWIN)
seq_printf(m, " Twin Channel Controller ");
char *channel = "";
char *ultra = "";
char *wide = "Narrow ";
if (p->flags & AHC_MULTI_CHANNEL)
channel = " Channel A";
if (p->flags & (AHC_CHNLB|AHC_CHNLC))
channel = (p->flags & AHC_CHNLB) ? " Channel B" : " Channel C";
if (p->features & AHC_WIDE)
wide = "Wide ";
if (p->features & AHC_ULTRA3)
switch(p->chip & AHC_CHIPID_MASK)
case AHC_AIC7892:
case AHC_AIC7899:
ultra = "Ultra-160/m LVD/SE ";
ultra = "Ultra-3 LVD/SE ";
else if (p->features & AHC_ULTRA2)
ultra = "Ultra-2 LVD/SE ";
else if (p->features & AHC_ULTRA)
ultra = "Ultra ";
seq_printf(m, " %s%sController%s ",
ultra, wide, channel);
switch(p->chip & ~AHC_CHIPID_MASK)
case AHC_VL:
seq_printf(m, "at VLB slot %d\n", p->pci_device_fn);
case AHC_EISA:
seq_printf(m, "at EISA slot %d\n", p->pci_device_fn);
seq_printf(m, "at PCI %d/%d/%d\n", p->pci_bus,
PCI_SLOT(p->pci_device_fn), PCI_FUNC(p->pci_device_fn));
if( !(p->maddr) )
seq_printf(m, " Programmed I/O Base: %lx\n", p->base);
seq_printf(m, " PCI MMAPed I/O Base: 0x%lx\n", p->mbase);
if( (p->chip & (AHC_VL | AHC_EISA)) )
seq_printf(m, " BIOS Memory Address: 0x%08x\n", p->bios_address);
seq_printf(m, " Adapter SEEPROM Config: %s\n",
(p->flags & AHC_SEEPROM_FOUND) ? "SEEPROM found and used." :
((p->flags & AHC_USEDEFAULTS) ? "SEEPROM not found, using defaults." :
"SEEPROM not found, using leftover BIOS values.") );
seq_printf(m, " Adaptec SCSI BIOS: %s\n",
(p->flags & AHC_BIOS_ENABLED) ? "Enabled" : "Disabled");
seq_printf(m, " IRQ: %d\n", HBAptr->irq);
seq_printf(m, " SCBs: Active %d, Max Active %d,\n",
p->activescbs, p->max_activescbs);
seq_printf(m, " Allocated %d, HW %d, "
"Page %d\n", p->scb_data->numscbs, p->scb_data->maxhscbs,
if (p->flags & AHC_EXTERNAL_SRAM)
seq_printf(m, " Using External SCB SRAM\n");
seq_printf(m, " Interrupts: %ld", p->isr_count);
if (p->chip & AHC_EISA)
seq_printf(m, " %s\n",
(p->pause & IRQMS) ? "(Level Sensitive)" : "(Edge Triggered)");
seq_printf(m, "\n");
seq_printf(m, " BIOS Control Word: 0x%04x\n",
seq_printf(m, " Adapter Control Word: 0x%04x\n",
seq_printf(m, " Extended Translation: %sabled\n",
(p->flags & AHC_EXTEND_TRANS_A) ? "En" : "Dis");
seq_printf(m, "Disconnect Enable Flags: 0x%04x\n", p->discenable);
if (p->features & (AHC_ULTRA | AHC_ULTRA2))
seq_printf(m, " Ultra Enable Flags: 0x%04x\n", p->ultraenb);
seq_printf(m, "Default Tag Queue Depth: %d\n", aic7xxx_default_queue_depth);
seq_printf(m, " Tagged Queue By Device array for aic7xxx host "
"instance %d:\n", p->instance);
seq_printf(m, " {");
for(i=0; i < (MAX_TARGETS - 1); i++)
seq_printf(m, "%d,",aic7xxx_tag_info[p->instance].tag_commands[i]);
seq_printf(m, "%d}\n",aic7xxx_tag_info[p->instance].tag_commands[i]);
seq_printf(m, "\n");
seq_printf(m, "Statistics:\n\n");
list_for_each_entry(aic_dev, &p->aic_devs, list)
sdptr = aic_dev->SDptr;
tindex = sdptr->channel << 3 | sdptr->id;
seq_printf(m, "(scsi%d:%d:%d:%d)\n",
p->host_no, sdptr->channel, sdptr->id, sdptr->lun);
seq_printf(m, " Device using %s/%s",
(aic_dev->cur.width == MSG_EXT_WDTR_BUS_16_BIT) ?
"Wide" : "Narrow",
(aic_dev->cur.offset != 0) ?
"Sync transfers at " : "Async transfers.\n" );
if (aic_dev->cur.offset != 0)
struct aic7xxx_syncrate *sync_rate;
unsigned char options = aic_dev->cur.options;
int period = aic_dev->cur.period;
int rate = (aic_dev->cur.width ==
MSG_EXT_WDTR_BUS_16_BIT) ? 1 : 0;
sync_rate = aic7xxx_find_syncrate(p, &period, 0, &options);
if (sync_rate != NULL)
seq_printf(m, "%s MByte/sec, offset %d\n",
aic_dev->cur.offset );
seq_printf(m, "3.3 MByte/sec, offset %d\n",
aic_dev->cur.offset );
seq_printf(m, " Transinfo settings: ");
seq_printf(m, "current(%d/%d/%d/%d), ",
seq_printf(m, "goal(%d/%d/%d/%d), ",
seq_printf(m, "user(%d/%d/%d/%d)\n",
seq_printf(m, " Tagged Command Queueing Enabled, Ordered Tags %s, Depth %d/%d\n", sdptr->ordered_tags ? "Enabled" : "Disabled", sdptr->queue_depth, aic_dev->max_q_depth);
seq_printf(m, " Total transfers %ld:\n (%ld/%ld/%ld/%ld reads/writes/REQ_BARRIER/Ordered Tags)\n",
aic_dev->r_total+aic_dev->w_total, aic_dev->r_total, aic_dev->w_total,
aic_dev->barrier_total, aic_dev->ordered_total);
seq_printf(m, " Total transfers %ld:\n (%ld/%ld reads/writes)\n",
aic_dev->r_total+aic_dev->w_total, aic_dev->r_total, aic_dev->w_total);
seq_printf(m, "%s\n", HDRB);
seq_printf(m, " Reads:");
for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(aic_dev->r_bins); i++)
seq_printf(m, " %10ld", aic_dev->r_bins[i]);
seq_printf(m, "\n");
seq_printf(m, " Writes:");
for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(aic_dev->w_bins); i++)
seq_printf(m, " %10ld", aic_dev->w_bins[i]);
seq_printf(m, "\n");
seq_printf(m, "\n\n");
return 0;
* Overrides for Emacs so that we follow Linus's tabbing style.
* Emacs will notice this stuff at the end of the file and automatically
* adjust the settings for this buffer only. This must remain at the end
* of the file.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Local variables:
* c-indent-level: 2
* c-brace-imaginary-offset: 0
* c-brace-offset: -2
* c-argdecl-indent: 2
* c-label-offset: -2
* c-continued-statement-offset: 2
* c-continued-brace-offset: 0
* indent-tabs-mode: nil
* tab-width: 8
* End:
* DO NOT EDIT - This file is automatically generated.
#define SCSISEQ 0x00
#define TEMODE 0x80
#define ENSELO 0x40
#define ENSELI 0x20
#define ENRSELI 0x10
#define ENAUTOATNO 0x08
#define ENAUTOATNI 0x04
#define ENAUTOATNP 0x02
#define SCSIRSTO 0x01
#define SXFRCTL0 0x01
#define DFON 0x80
#define DFPEXP 0x40
#define FAST20 0x20
#define CLRSTCNT 0x10
#define SPIOEN 0x08
#define SCAMEN 0x04
#define CLRCHN 0x02
#define SXFRCTL1 0x02
#define BITBUCKET 0x80
#define SWRAPEN 0x40
#define ENSPCHK 0x20
#define STIMESEL 0x18
#define ENSTIMER 0x04
#define ACTNEGEN 0x02
#define STPWEN 0x01
#define SCSISIGO 0x03
#define CDO 0x80
#define IOO 0x40
#define MSGO 0x20
#define ATNO 0x10
#define SELO 0x08
#define BSYO 0x04
#define REQO 0x02
#define ACKO 0x01
#define SCSISIGI 0x03
#define ATNI 0x10
#define SELI 0x08
#define BSYI 0x04
#define REQI 0x02
#define ACKI 0x01
#define SCSIRATE 0x04
#define WIDEXFER 0x80
#define SXFR_ULTRA2 0x7f
#define SXFR 0x70
#define SOFS 0x0f
#define SCSIID 0x05
#define SCSIOFFSET 0x05
#define SOFS_ULTRA2 0x7f
#define SCSIDATL 0x06
#define SCSIDATH 0x07
#define STCNT 0x08
#define OPTIONMODE 0x08
#define AUTORATEEN 0x80
#define AUTOACKEN 0x40
#define ATNMGMNTEN 0x20
#define BUSFREEREV 0x10
#define EXPPHASEDIS 0x08
#define SCSIDATL_IMGEN 0x04
#define AUTO_MSGOUT_DE 0x02
#define CLRSINT0 0x0b
#define CLRSELDO 0x40
#define CLRSELDI 0x20
#define CLRSELINGO 0x10
#define CLRSWRAP 0x08
#define CLRSPIORDY 0x02
#define SSTAT0 0x0b
#define TARGET 0x80
#define SELDO 0x40
#define SELDI 0x20
#define SELINGO 0x10
#define IOERR 0x08
#define SWRAP 0x08
#define SDONE 0x04
#define SPIORDY 0x02
#define DMADONE 0x01
#define CLRSINT1 0x0c
#define CLRSELTIMEO 0x80
#define CLRATNO 0x40
#define CLRSCSIRSTI 0x20
#define CLRBUSFREE 0x08
#define CLRSCSIPERR 0x04
#define CLRPHASECHG 0x02
#define CLRREQINIT 0x01
#define SSTAT1 0x0c
#define SELTO 0x80
#define ATNTARG 0x40
#define SCSIRSTI 0x20
#define PHASEMIS 0x10
#define BUSFREE 0x08
#define SCSIPERR 0x04
#define PHASECHG 0x02
#define REQINIT 0x01
#define SSTAT2 0x0d
#define OVERRUN 0x80
#define SHVALID 0x40
#define WIDE_RES 0x20
#define SFCNT 0x1f
#define EXP_ACTIVE 0x10
#define CRCVALERR 0x08
#define CRCENDERR 0x04
#define CRCREQERR 0x02
#define DUAL_EDGE_ERROR 0x01
#define SSTAT3 0x0e
#define SCSICNT 0xf0
#define OFFCNT 0x0f
#define SCSIID_ULTRA2 0x0f
#define OID 0x0f
#define SIMODE0 0x10
#define ENSELDO 0x40
#define ENSELDI 0x20
#define ENSELINGO 0x10
#define ENIOERR 0x08
#define ENSWRAP 0x08
#define ENSDONE 0x04
#define ENSPIORDY 0x02
#define ENDMADONE 0x01
#define SIMODE1 0x11
#define ENSELTIMO 0x80
#define ENATNTARG 0x40
#define ENSCSIRST 0x20
#define ENPHASEMIS 0x10
#define ENBUSFREE 0x08
#define ENSCSIPERR 0x04
#define ENPHASECHG 0x02
#define ENREQINIT 0x01
#define SCSIBUSL 0x12
#define SCSIBUSH 0x13
#define SHADDR 0x14
#define SELTIMER 0x18
#define STAGE6 0x20
#define STAGE5 0x10
#define STAGE4 0x08
#define STAGE3 0x04
#define STAGE2 0x02
#define STAGE1 0x01
#define SELID 0x19
#define SELID_MASK 0xf0
#define ONEBIT 0x08
#define SPIOCAP 0x1b
#define SOFT1 0x80
#define SOFT0 0x40
#define SOFTCMDEN 0x20
#define HAS_BRDCTL 0x10
#define SEEPROM 0x08
#define EEPROM 0x04
#define ROM 0x02
#define SSPIOCPS 0x01
#define BRDCTL 0x1d
#define BRDDAT7 0x80
#define BRDDAT6 0x40
#define BRDDAT5 0x20
#define BRDDAT4 0x10
#define BRDSTB 0x10
#define BRDCS 0x08
#define BRDDAT3 0x08
#define BRDDAT2 0x04
#define BRDRW 0x04
#define BRDRW_ULTRA2 0x02
#define BRDCTL1 0x02
#define BRDSTB_ULTRA2 0x01
#define BRDCTL0 0x01
#define SEECTL 0x1e
#define EXTARBACK 0x80
#define EXTARBREQ 0x40
#define SEEMS 0x20
#define SEERDY 0x10
#define SEECS 0x08
#define SEECK 0x04
#define SEEDO 0x02
#define SEEDI 0x01
#define SBLKCTL 0x1f
#define DIAGLEDEN 0x80
#define DIAGLEDON 0x40
#define AUTOFLUSHDIS 0x20
#define ENAB40 0x08
#define ENAB20 0x04
#define SELWIDE 0x02
#define XCVR 0x01
#define SRAM_BASE 0x20
#define TARG_SCSIRATE 0x20
#define ULTRA_ENB 0x30
#define DISC_DSB 0x32
#define MSG_OUT 0x34
#define DMAPARAMS 0x35
#define PRELOADEN 0x80
#define WIDEODD 0x40
#define SCSIEN 0x20
#define SDMAENACK 0x10
#define SDMAEN 0x10
#define HDMAEN 0x08
#define HDMAENACK 0x08
#define DIRECTION 0x04
#define FIFOFLUSH 0x02
#define FIFORESET 0x01
#define SEQ_FLAGS 0x36
#define IDENTIFY_SEEN 0x80
#define SCBPTR_VALID 0x20