Commit 3e23d025 authored by Nicholas Bellinger's avatar Nicholas Bellinger
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iscsi-target: Drop left-over iscsi_conn->bad_hdr

All REJECT response setup of the rejected payload is now done using
on-demand cmd->buf_ptr allocations.

Go ahead and remove dead iscsi_conn->bad_hdr usage rx_opcode path
Signed-off-by: default avatarNicholas Bellinger <>
parent 8a391857
......@@ -4105,11 +4105,6 @@ int iscsi_target_rx_thread(void *arg)
goto transport_err;
* Set conn->bad_hdr for use with REJECT PDUs.
memcpy(&conn->bad_hdr, &buffer, ISCSI_HDR_LEN);
if (conn->conn_ops->HeaderDigest) {
iov.iov_base = &digest;
iov.iov_len = ISCSI_CRC_LEN;
......@@ -532,8 +532,6 @@ struct iscsi_conn {
u32 of_marker;
/* Used for calculating OFMarker offset to next PDU */
u32 of_marker_offset;
/* Complete Bad PDU for sending reject */
unsigned char bad_hdr[ISCSI_HDR_LEN];
unsigned char login_ip[IPV6_ADDRESS_SPACE];
unsigned char local_ip[IPV6_ADDRESS_SPACE];
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