Commit 40cdc840 authored by Jenx Axboe's avatar Jenx Axboe Committed by
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[SCSI] gdth: don't map zero-length requests

Don't map zero-length requests in gdth, zome architectures don't like
that in their dma mapping routines.

[ I'm pretty sure Jens posted this before, but for some reason it got
  forgotten  --hch ]
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent f9876f0b
......@@ -2816,7 +2816,7 @@ static int gdth_fill_cache_cmd(int hanum,Scsi_Cmnd *scp,ushort hdrive)
} else {
} else if (scp->request_bufflen) {
scp->SCp.Status = GDTH_MAP_SINGLE;
scp->SCp.Message = (read_write == 1 ?
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