Commit 4451d3f5 authored by Tao Ren's avatar Tao Ren Committed by Daniel Lezcano
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clocksource/drivers/fttmr010: Fix set_next_event handler

Currently, the aspeed MATCH1 register is updated to <current_count -
cycles> in set_next_event handler, with the assumption that COUNT
register value is preserved when the timer is disabled and it continues
decrementing after the timer is enabled. But the assumption is wrong:
RELOAD register is loaded into COUNT register when the aspeed timer is
enabled, which means the next event may be delayed because timer
interrupt won't be generated until <0xFFFFFFFF - current_count +

The problem can be fixed by updating RELOAD register to <cycles>, and
COUNT register will be re-loaded when the timer is enabled and interrupt
is generated when COUNT register overflows.

The test result on Facebook Backpack-CMM BMC hardware (AST2500) shows
the issue is fixed: without the patch, usleep(100) suspends the process
for several milliseconds (and sometimes even over 40 milliseconds);
after applying the fix, usleep(100) takes averagely 240 microseconds to
return under the same workload level.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTao Ren <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarLinus Walleij <>
Tested-by: default avatarLei YU <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDaniel Lezcano <>
parent 3b7d96a0
...@@ -130,13 +130,17 @@ static int fttmr010_timer_set_next_event(unsigned long cycles, ...@@ -130,13 +130,17 @@ static int fttmr010_timer_set_next_event(unsigned long cycles,
cr &= ~fttmr010->t1_enable_val; cr &= ~fttmr010->t1_enable_val;
writel(cr, fttmr010->base + TIMER_CR); writel(cr, fttmr010->base + TIMER_CR);
/* Setup the match register forward/backward in time */ if (fttmr010->count_down) {
cr = readl(fttmr010->base + TIMER1_COUNT); /*
if (fttmr010->count_down) * ASPEED Timer Controller will load TIMER1_LOAD register
cr -= cycles; * into TIMER1_COUNT register when the timer is re-enabled.
else */
cr += cycles; writel(cycles, fttmr010->base + TIMER1_LOAD);
writel(cr, fttmr010->base + TIMER1_MATCH1); } else {
/* Setup the match register forward in time */
cr = readl(fttmr010->base + TIMER1_COUNT);
writel(cr + cycles, fttmr010->base + TIMER1_MATCH1);
/* Start */ /* Start */
cr = readl(fttmr010->base + TIMER_CR); cr = readl(fttmr010->base + TIMER_CR);
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