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[SCSI] fix wrong context bugs in SCSI

There's a bug in releasing scsi_device where the release function
actually frees the block queue.  However, the block queue release
calls flush_work(), which requires process context (the scsi_device
structure may release from irq context).  Update the release function
to invoke via the execute_in_process_context() API.

Also clean up the scsi_target structure releasing via this API.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent faead26d
......@@ -387,19 +387,12 @@ static struct scsi_target *scsi_alloc_target(struct device *parent,
return found_target;
struct work_queue_wrapper {
struct work_struct work;
struct scsi_target *starget;
static void scsi_target_reap_work(void *data) {
struct work_queue_wrapper *wqw = (struct work_queue_wrapper *)data;
struct scsi_target *starget = wqw->starget;
static void scsi_target_reap_usercontext(void *data)
struct scsi_target *starget = data;
struct Scsi_Host *shost = dev_to_shost(starget->dev.parent);
unsigned long flags;
spin_lock_irqsave(shost->host_lock, flags);
if (--starget->reap_ref == 0 && list_empty(&starget->devices)) {
......@@ -428,18 +421,7 @@ static void scsi_target_reap_work(void *data) {
void scsi_target_reap(struct scsi_target *starget)
struct work_queue_wrapper *wqw =
kzalloc(sizeof(struct work_queue_wrapper), GFP_ATOMIC);
if (!wqw) {
starget_printk(KERN_ERR, starget,
"Failed to allocate memory in scsi_reap_target()\n");
INIT_WORK(&wqw->work, scsi_target_reap_work, wqw);
wqw->starget = starget;
scsi_execute_in_process_context(scsi_target_reap_usercontext, starget);
......@@ -217,8 +217,9 @@ static void scsi_device_cls_release(struct class_device *class_dev)
static void scsi_device_dev_release(struct device *dev)
static void scsi_device_dev_release_usercontext(void *data)
struct device *dev = data;
struct scsi_device *sdev;
struct device *parent;
struct scsi_target *starget;
......@@ -237,6 +238,7 @@ static void scsi_device_dev_release(struct device *dev)
if (sdev->request_queue) {
sdev->request_queue->queuedata = NULL;
/* user context needed to free queue */
/* temporary expedient, try to catch use of queue lock
* after free of sdev */
......@@ -252,6 +254,11 @@ static void scsi_device_dev_release(struct device *dev)
static void scsi_device_dev_release(struct device *dev)
scsi_execute_in_process_context(scsi_device_dev_release_usercontext, dev);
static struct class sdev_class = {
.name = "scsi_device",
.release = scsi_device_cls_release,
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