Commit 67a061a1 authored by Kyle McMartin's avatar Kyle McMartin Committed by Kyle McMartin

[PARISC] Add os_id_to_string helper

Add a helper to asm/pdc.h to translate OS_ID values to strings
and use it in the pdc_stable driver.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKyle McMartin <>
parent ec1fdc24
......@@ -622,22 +622,12 @@ static ssize_t
pdcs_osid_read(struct subsystem *entry, char *buf)
char *out = buf;
char *tmpstr = NULL;
if (!entry || !buf)
return -EINVAL;
switch (pdcs_osid) {
case 0x0000: tmpstr = "No OS"; break;
case 0x0001: tmpstr = "HP-UX"; break;
case 0x0002: tmpstr = "MPE-iX"; break;
case 0x0003: tmpstr = "OSF"; break;
case 0x0004: tmpstr = "HP-RT"; break;
case 0x0005: tmpstr = "Novell Netware"; break;
case 0x0006: tmpstr = "Linux"; break;
default: tmpstr = "Unknown"; break;
out += sprintf(out, "%s dependent data (0x%.4x)\n", tmpstr, pdcs_osid);
out += sprintf(out, "%s dependent data (0x%.4x)\n",
os_id_to_string(pdcs_osid), pdcs_osid);
return out - buf;
......@@ -284,6 +284,19 @@ typedef struct {
#define OS_ID_NOVEL 5 /* NOVELL OS */
#define OS_ID_LINUX 6 /* Linux */
static inline char * os_id_to_string(u16 os_id) {
switch(os_id) {
case OS_ID_NONE: return "No OS";
case OS_ID_HPUX: return "HP-UX";
case OS_ID_MPEXL: return "MPE-iX";
case OS_ID_OSF: return "OSF";
case OS_ID_HPRT: return "HP-RT";
case OS_ID_NOVEL: return "Novell Netware";
case OS_ID_LINUX: return "Linux";
default: return "Unknown";
/* constants for PDC_CHASSIS */
#define OSTAT_OFF 0
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