Commit 80cf3074 authored by Philippe Gerum's avatar Philippe Gerum
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ipipe: timer: do not interpose on undefined handlers

There is no point in interposing on clock chip handlers for which
there was no support originally. In some cases (oneshot_stopped), we
may even get a kernel fault, jumping to a NULL address.

Interpose on non-NULL original handlers only.
parent c23aae1e
......@@ -435,9 +435,13 @@ static void grab_timer(void *arg)
evtdev->mult = 1;
evtdev->shift = 0;
evtdev->max_delta_ns = UINT_MAX;
if (timer->orig_set_state_periodic)
evtdev->set_state_periodic = do_set_periodic;
if (timer->orig_set_state_oneshot)
evtdev->set_state_oneshot = do_set_oneshot;
if (timer->orig_set_state_oneshot_stopped)
evtdev->set_state_oneshot_stopped = do_set_oneshot;
if (timer->orig_set_state_shutdown)
evtdev->set_state_shutdown = do_set_shutdown;
evtdev->set_next_event = data->emutick;
evtdev->ipipe_stolen = 1;
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