Commit 8d2c7ef8 authored by Linus Walleij's avatar Linus Walleij Committed by Jonathan Cameron
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iio: pressure: bmp280: augment DT bindings

This adds standard device tree bindings for a reset GPIO line, and
the VDDD and VDDA power regulators.

Acked-by: default avatarRob Herring <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Walleij <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Cameron <>
parent bc2b7dab
BMP085/BMP18x digital pressure sensors
BMP085/BMP18x/BMP28x digital pressure sensors
Required properties:
- compatible: bosch,bmp085
- compatible: must be one of:
Optional properties:
- chip-id: configurable chip id for non-default chip revisions
......@@ -10,6 +14,10 @@ Optional properties:
value range is 0-3 with rising sensitivity.
- interrupt-parent: should be the phandle for the interrupt controller
- interrupts: interrupt mapping for IRQ
- reset-gpios: a GPIO line handling reset of the sensor: as the line is
active low, it should be marked GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW (see gpio/gpio.txt)
- vddd-supply: digital voltage regulator (see regulator/regulator.txt)
- vdda-supply: analog voltage regulator (see regulator/regulator.txt)
......@@ -21,4 +29,7 @@ pressure@77 {
default-oversampling = <2>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio0>;
interrupts = <25 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_RISING>;
reset-gpios = <&gpio0 26 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
vddd-supply = <&foo>;
vdda-supply = <&bar>;
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