Commit a77c832c authored by Zhiyong Tao's avatar Zhiyong Tao Committed by Jonathan Cameron
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dt-bindings: adc: mt7622: add binding document

The commit adds mt7622 compatible node in binding document.
Signed-off-by: default avatarZhiyong Tao <>
Acked-by: default avatarRob Herring <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Cameron <>
parent b6d46bfa
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ for the Thermal Controller which holds a phandle to the AUXADC.
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be one of:
- "mediatek,mt2701-auxadc": For MT2701 family of SoCs
- "mediatek,mt7622-auxadc": For MT7622 family of SoCs
- "mediatek,mt8173-auxadc": For MT8173 family of SoCs
- reg: Address range of the AUXADC unit.
- clocks: Should contain a clock specifier for each entry in clock-names
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