Commit b11e5759 authored by Mark Rutland's avatar Mark Rutland
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arm64: factor out entry stack manipulation

In subsequent patches, we will detect stack overflow in our exception
entry code, by verifying the SP after it has been decremented to make
space for the exception regs.

This verification code is small, and we can minimize its impact by
placing it directly in the vectors. To avoid redundant modification of
the SP, we also need to move the initial decrement of the SP into the

As a preparatory step, this patch introduces kernel_ventry, which
performs this decrement, and updates the entry code accordingly.
Subsequent patches will fold SP verification into kernel_ventry.

There should be no functional change as a result of this patch.
Signed-off-by: default avatarArd Biesheuvel <>
[Mark: turn into prep patch, expand commit msg]
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Rutland <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarWill Deacon <>
Tested-by: default avatarLaura Abbott <>
Cc: Catalin Marinas <>
Cc: James Morse <>
parent 170976bc
......@@ -69,8 +69,13 @@
#define BAD_FIQ 2
#define BAD_ERROR 3
.macro kernel_entry, el, regsize = 64
.macro kernel_ventry label
.align 7
sub sp, sp, #S_FRAME_SIZE
b \label
.macro kernel_entry, el, regsize = 64
.if \regsize == 32
mov w0, w0 // zero upper 32 bits of x0
......@@ -319,31 +324,31 @@ tsk .req x28 // current thread_info
.align 11
ventry el1_sync_invalid // Synchronous EL1t
ventry el1_irq_invalid // IRQ EL1t
ventry el1_fiq_invalid // FIQ EL1t
ventry el1_error_invalid // Error EL1t
kernel_ventry el1_sync_invalid // Synchronous EL1t
kernel_ventry el1_irq_invalid // IRQ EL1t
kernel_ventry el1_fiq_invalid // FIQ EL1t
kernel_ventry el1_error_invalid // Error EL1t
ventry el1_sync // Synchronous EL1h
ventry el1_irq // IRQ EL1h
ventry el1_fiq_invalid // FIQ EL1h
ventry el1_error_invalid // Error EL1h
kernel_ventry el1_sync // Synchronous EL1h
kernel_ventry el1_irq // IRQ EL1h
kernel_ventry el1_fiq_invalid // FIQ EL1h
kernel_ventry el1_error_invalid // Error EL1h
ventry el0_sync // Synchronous 64-bit EL0
ventry el0_irq // IRQ 64-bit EL0
ventry el0_fiq_invalid // FIQ 64-bit EL0
ventry el0_error_invalid // Error 64-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_sync // Synchronous 64-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_irq // IRQ 64-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_fiq_invalid // FIQ 64-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_error_invalid // Error 64-bit EL0
ventry el0_sync_compat // Synchronous 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_irq_compat // IRQ 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_fiq_invalid_compat // FIQ 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_error_invalid_compat // Error 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_sync_compat // Synchronous 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_irq_compat // IRQ 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_fiq_invalid_compat // FIQ 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_error_invalid_compat // Error 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_sync_invalid // Synchronous 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_irq_invalid // IRQ 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_fiq_invalid // FIQ 32-bit EL0
ventry el0_error_invalid // Error 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_sync_invalid // Synchronous 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_irq_invalid // IRQ 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_fiq_invalid // FIQ 32-bit EL0
kernel_ventry el0_error_invalid // Error 32-bit EL0
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