Commit c62988ec authored by majianpeng's avatar majianpeng Committed by Sage Weil
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ceph: avoid meaningless calling ceph_caps_revoking if sync_mode == WB_SYNC_ALL.

Signed-off-by: default avatarJianpeng Ma <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarSage Weil <>
parent a1dc1937
......@@ -666,8 +666,8 @@ static int ceph_writepages_start(struct address_space *mapping,
* integrity write (e.g., O_SYNC write or fsync()), or if our
* cap is being revoked.
do_sync = wbc->sync_mode == WB_SYNC_ALL;
if (ceph_caps_revoking(ci, CEPH_CAP_FILE_BUFFER))
if ((wbc->sync_mode == WB_SYNC_ALL) ||
ceph_caps_revoking(ci, CEPH_CAP_FILE_BUFFER))
do_sync = 1;
dout("writepages_start %p dosync=%d (mode=%s)\n",
inode, do_sync,
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