Commit cc405ace authored by Steffen Maier's avatar Steffen Maier Committed by James Bottomley
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[SCSI] zfcp: non-experimental support for DIF/DIX

DIF/DIX support for zfcp is no longer experimental,
and config option is no longer necessary.
Return error from queuecommand for unsupported data directions.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSteffen Maier <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent f0c568a4
......@@ -2207,7 +2207,8 @@ int zfcp_fsf_fcp_cmnd(struct scsi_cmnd *scsi_cmnd)
io->ref_tag_value = scsi_get_lba(scsi_cmnd) & 0xFFFFFFFF;
zfcp_fsf_set_data_dir(scsi_cmnd, &io->data_direction);
if (zfcp_fsf_set_data_dir(scsi_cmnd, &io->data_direction))
goto failed_scsi_cmnd;
fcp_cmnd = (struct fcp_cmnd *) &req->qtcb->;
zfcp_fc_scsi_to_fcp(fcp_cmnd, scsi_cmnd, 0);
......@@ -24,11 +24,8 @@ module_param_named(queue_depth, default_depth, uint, 0600);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(queue_depth, "Default queue depth for new SCSI devices");
static bool enable_dif;
module_param_named(dif, enable_dif, bool, 0600);
module_param_named(dif, enable_dif, bool, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(dif, "Enable DIF/DIX data integrity support");
static bool allow_lun_scan = 1;
module_param(allow_lun_scan, bool, 0600);
......@@ -1881,10 +1881,6 @@ config ZFCP
called zfcp. If you want to compile it as a module, say M here
and read <file:Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt>.
config ZFCP_DIF
tristate "T10 DIF/DIX support for the zfcp driver (EXPERIMENTAL)"
tristate "PMC SIERRA Linux MaxRAID adapter support"
depends on PCI && SCSI && NET
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