Commit ed8ec8f7 authored by Nicholas Bellinger's avatar Nicholas Bellinger
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tcm_fc: Fix free-after-use regression in ft_free_cmd

This patch fixes a free-after-use regression in ft_free_cmd(), where
ft_sess_put() is called with cmd->sess after percpu_ida_free() has
already released the tag.

Fix this bug by saving the ft_sess pointer ahead of percpu_ida_free(),
and pass it directly to ft_sess_put().

The regression was originally introduced in v3.13-rc1 commit:

  commit 5f544cfa

  Author: Nicholas Bellinger <>
  Date:   Mon Sep 23 12:12:42 2013 -0700

      tcm_fc: Convert to per-cpu command map pre-allocation of ft_cmd
Reported-by: default avatarJun Wu <>
Cc: Mark Rustad <>
Cc: Robert Love <>
Cc: <> #3.13+
Signed-off-by: default avatarNicholas Bellinger <>
parent 7cbfcc95
......@@ -90,18 +90,18 @@ static void ft_free_cmd(struct ft_cmd *cmd)
struct fc_frame *fp;
struct fc_lport *lport;
struct se_session *se_sess;
struct ft_sess *sess;
if (!cmd)
se_sess = cmd->sess->se_sess;
sess = cmd->sess;
fp = cmd->req_frame;
lport = fr_dev(fp);
if (fr_seq(fp))
percpu_ida_free(&se_sess->sess_tag_pool, cmd->se_cmd.map_tag);
ft_sess_put(cmd->sess); /* undo get from lookup at recv */
percpu_ida_free(&sess->se_sess->sess_tag_pool, cmd->se_cmd.map_tag);
ft_sess_put(sess); /* undo get from lookup at recv */
void ft_release_cmd(struct se_cmd *se_cmd)
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