Commit 58e7cb9e authored by Rafael J. Wysocki's avatar Rafael J. Wysocki Committed by Jonathan Corbet
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PM: docs: Fix stale reference in kernel-parameters.txt

Commit 7aa7a036 (PM: docs: Delete the obsolete states.txt
document) forgot to update kernel-parameters.txt with a reference
to the new sleep-states.rst document and it still points to
states.txt that was dropped, so fix it now.

Fixes: 7aa7a036

 (PM: docs: Delete the obsolete states.txt document)
Signed-off-by: default avatarRafael J. Wysocki <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Corbet <>
parent 68e51252
......@@ -2248,7 +2248,7 @@
s2idle - Suspend-To-Idle
shallow - Power-On Suspend or equivalent (if supported)
deep - Suspend-To-RAM or equivalent (if supported)
See Documentation/power/states.txt.
See Documentation/admin-guide/pm/sleep-states.rst.
meye.*= [HW] Set MotionEye Camera parameters
See Documentation/video4linux/meye.txt.
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