Commit 5a24d4b6 authored by Sergei Shtylyov's avatar Sergei Shtylyov Committed by Linus Walleij
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gpio-rcar: use devm_ioremap_resource()

Using devm_ioremap_resource() has several advantages over devm_ioremap():
- it checks the passed resource's validity;
- it calls devm_request_mem_region() to check for the resource overlap;
- it prints an error message in case of error.

We can call devm_ioremap_resource() instead of devm_ioremap_nocache()
as ioremap() and ioremap_nocache()  are implemented identically on ARM.
Doing this saves 2 LoCs and 80 bytes (AArch64 gcc 4.8.5).
Signed-off-by: default avatarSergei Shtylyov <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGeert Uytterhoeven <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Walleij <>
parent 80057cb4
......@@ -452,19 +452,17 @@ static int gpio_rcar_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
io = platform_get_resource(pdev, IORESOURCE_MEM, 0);
irq = platform_get_resource(pdev, IORESOURCE_IRQ, 0);
if (!io || !irq) {
dev_err(dev, "missing IRQ or IOMEM\n");
if (!irq) {
dev_err(dev, "missing IRQ\n");
ret = -EINVAL;
goto err0;
p->base = devm_ioremap_nocache(dev, io->start, resource_size(io));
if (!p->base) {
dev_err(dev, "failed to remap I/O memory\n");
ret = -ENXIO;
io = platform_get_resource(pdev, IORESOURCE_MEM, 0);
p->base = devm_ioremap_resource(dev, io);
if (IS_ERR(p->base)) {
ret = PTR_ERR(p->base);
goto err0;
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