Commit a3028247 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds
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Merge branch 'next-general' of git://

Pull misc security layer update from James Morris:
 "This is the remaining 'general' change in the security tree for v4.14,
  following the direct merging of SELinux (+ TOMOYO), AppArmor, and

  That's everything now for the security tree except IMA, which will
  follow shortly (I've been traveling for the past week with patchy

* 'next-general' of git://
  security: fix description of values returned by cap_inode_need_killpriv
parents 1436ab06 ab5348c9
......@@ -294,10 +294,10 @@ int cap_capset(struct cred *new,
* Determine if an inode having a change applied that's marked ATTR_KILL_PRIV
* affects the security markings on that inode, and if it is, should
* inode_killpriv() be invoked or the change rejected?
* inode_killpriv() be invoked or the change rejected.
* Returns 0 if granted; +ve if granted, but inode_killpriv() is required; and
* -ve to deny the change.
* Returns 1 if security.capability has a value, meaning inode_killpriv()
* is required, 0 otherwise, meaning inode_killpriv() is not required.
int cap_inode_need_killpriv(struct dentry *dentry)
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