Commit c6b52c13 authored by H Hartley Sweeten's avatar H Hartley Sweeten Committed by Grant Likely

gpio/ep93xx: move driver to drivers/gpio

The GPIO driver should reside in drivers/gpio.

v3: Change Kconfig option to def_bool y
v2: Make the Kconfig symbol a silent option, dependent on ARCH_EP93XX
Signed-off-by: default avatarH Hartley Sweeten <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGrant Likely <>
parent a26221a8
# Makefile for the linux kernel.
obj-y := core.o clock.o dma-m2p.o gpio.o
obj-y := core.o clock.o dma-m2p.o
obj-m :=
obj-n :=
obj- :=
......@@ -86,6 +86,10 @@ config GPIO_IT8761E
Say yes here to support GPIO functionality of IT8761E super I/O chip.
config GPIO_EP93XX
def_bool y
depends on ARCH_EP93XX
def_bool y
depends on CPU_EXYNOS4210
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_ADP5520) += adp5520-gpio.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_ADP5588) += adp5588-gpio.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_BASIC_MMIO_CORE) += basic_mmio_gpio.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_BASIC_MMIO) += basic_mmio_gpio.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_EP93XX) += gpio-ep93xx.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_EXYNOS4) += gpio-exynos4.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_PLAT_SAMSUNG) += gpio-plat-samsung.o
obj-$(CONFIG_GPIO_S5PC100) += gpio-s5pc100.o
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