Commit e23f62f7 authored by Marc Zyngier's avatar Marc Zyngier
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KVM: arm64: Enable GICv3 Group-0 sysreg trapping via command-line

Now that we're able to safely handle Group-0 sysreg access, let's
give the user the opportunity to enable it by passing a specific
command-line option (vgic_v3.group0_trap).
Tested-by: default avatarAlexander Graf <>
Acked-by: default avatarDavid Daney <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMarc Zyngier <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristoffer Dall <>
parent abf55766
......@@ -1829,6 +1829,10 @@
for all guests.
Default is 1 (enabled) if in 64-bit or 32-bit PAE mode.
[KVM,ARM] Trap guest accesses to GICv3 group-0
system registers
[KVM,ARM] Trap guest accesses to GICv3 group-1
system registers
......@@ -438,6 +438,12 @@ out:
static int __init early_group0_trap_cfg(char *buf)
return strtobool(buf, &group0_trap);
early_param("kvm-arm.vgic_v3_group0_trap", early_group0_trap_cfg);
static int __init early_group1_trap_cfg(char *buf)
return strtobool(buf, &group1_trap);
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