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    events: Rename TRACE_EVENT_TEMPLATE() to DECLARE_EVENT_CLASS() · 091ad365
    Ingo Molnar authored
    It is not quite obvious at first sight what TRACE_EVENT_TEMPLATE
    does: does it define an event as well beyond defining a template?
    To clarify this, rename it to DECLARE_EVENT_CLASS, which follows
    the various 'DECLARE_*()' idioms we already have in the kernel:
        DEFINE_EVENT(class, event1)
        DEFINE_EVENT(class, event2)
        DEFINE_EVENT(class, event3)
    To complete this logic we should also rename TRACE_EVENT() to:
    ... but in a more quiet moment of the kernel cycle.
    Cc: Pekka Enberg <penberg@cs.helsinki.fi>
    Cc: Steven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org>
    Cc: Frederic Weisbecker <fweisbec@gmail.com>
    LKML-Reference: <4B0E286A.2000405@cn.fujitsu.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarIngo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu>
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