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    GFS2: Improve block reservation tracing · 9e733d39
    Steven Whitehouse authored
    This patch improves the tracing of block reservations by
    removing some corner cases and also providing more useful
    detail in the traces.
    A new field is added to the reservation structure to contain
    the inode number. This is used since in certain contexts it is
    not possible to access the inode itself to obtain this information.
    As a result we can then display the inode number for all tracepoints
    and also in case we dump the resource group.
    The "del" tracepoint operation has been removed. This could be called
    with the reservation rgrp set to NULL. That resulted in not printing
    the device number, and thus making the information largely useless
    anyway. Also, the conditional on the rgrp being NULL can then be
    removed from the tracepoint. After this change, all the block
    reservation tracepoint calls will be called with the rgrp information.
    The existing ins,clm and tdel calls to the block reservation tracepoint
    are sufficient to track the entire life of the block reservation.
    In gfs2_block_alloc() the error detection is updated to print out
    the inode number of the problematic inode. This can then be compared
    against the information in the glock dump,tracepoints, etc.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>