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    OMAPDSS: hide dss_select_dispc_clk_source() · a5b8399f
    Tomi Valkeinen authored
    dss.c currently exposes functions to configure the dispc source clock
    and lcd source clock. There are configured separately from the output
    However, there is no safe way for the output drivers to handle dispc
    clock, as it's shared between the outputs. Thus, if, say, the DSI driver
    sets up DSI PLL and configures both the dispc and lcd clock sources to
    that DSI PLL, the resulting dispc clock could be too low for, say, HDMI.
    Thus the output drivers should really only be concerned about the lcd
    clock, which is what the output drivers actually use. There's lot to do
    to clean up the dss clock handling, but this patch takes one step
    forward and removes the use of dss_select_dispc_clk_source() from the
    output drivers.
    After this patch, the output drivers only configure the lcd source
    clock. On omap4+ the dispc src clock is never changed from the default
    PRCM source. On omap3, where the dispc and lcd clocks are actually the
    same, setting the lcd clock source sets the dispc clock source.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTomi Valkeinen <tomi.valkeinen@ti.com>