Commit 1a5f985c authored by Jean Delvare's avatar Jean Delvare Committed by Ben Skeggs
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drm/nouveau: Fix module parameter description formats

Module parameter descriptions don't take a trailing \n, otherwise it
breaks formatting of modinfo's output. Also remove trailing space.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJean Delvare <>
Cc: David Airlie <>
Cc: Ben Skeggs <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBen Skeggs <>
parent bfb31465
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ MODULE_PARM_DESC(override_conntype, "Ignore DCB connector type");
int nouveau_override_conntype = 0;
module_param_named(override_conntype, nouveau_override_conntype, int, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(tv_disable, "Disable TV-out detection\n");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(tv_disable, "Disable TV-out detection");
int nouveau_tv_disable = 0;
module_param_named(tv_disable, nouveau_tv_disable, int, 0400);
......@@ -108,27 +108,27 @@ module_param_named(tv_norm, nouveau_tv_norm, charp, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(reg_debug, "Register access debug bitmask:\n"
"\t\t0x1 mc, 0x2 video, 0x4 fb, 0x8 extdev,\n"
"\t\t0x10 crtc, 0x20 ramdac, 0x40 vgacrtc, 0x80 rmvio,\n"
"\t\t0x100 vgaattr, 0x200 EVO (G80+). ");
"\t\t0x100 vgaattr, 0x200 EVO (G80+)");
int nouveau_reg_debug;
module_param_named(reg_debug, nouveau_reg_debug, int, 0600);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(perflvl, "Performance level (default: boot)\n");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(perflvl, "Performance level (default: boot)");
char *nouveau_perflvl;
module_param_named(perflvl, nouveau_perflvl, charp, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(perflvl_wr, "Allow perflvl changes (warning: dangerous!)\n");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(perflvl_wr, "Allow perflvl changes (warning: dangerous!)");
int nouveau_perflvl_wr;
module_param_named(perflvl_wr, nouveau_perflvl_wr, int, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(msi, "Enable MSI (default: off)\n");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(msi, "Enable MSI (default: off)");
int nouveau_msi;
module_param_named(msi, nouveau_msi, int, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(ctxfw, "Use external HUB/GPC ucode (fermi)\n");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(ctxfw, "Use external HUB/GPC ucode (fermi)");
int nouveau_ctxfw;
module_param_named(ctxfw, nouveau_ctxfw, int, 0400);
MODULE_PARM_DESC(mxmdcb, "Santise DCB table according to MXM-SIS\n");
MODULE_PARM_DESC(mxmdcb, "Santise DCB table according to MXM-SIS");
int nouveau_mxmdcb = 1;
module_param_named(mxmdcb, nouveau_mxmdcb, int, 0400);
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