Commit 1aaa753d authored by Herbert Xu's avatar Herbert Xu
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crypto: skcipher - Add helper to zero stack request

As the size of an skcipher_request is variable, it's awkward to
zero it explicitly.  This patch adds a helper to do that which
should be used when it is created on the stack.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
parent e67ffe0a
......@@ -445,6 +445,13 @@ static inline void skcipher_request_free(struct skcipher_request *req)
static inline void skcipher_request_zero(struct skcipher_request *req)
struct crypto_skcipher *tfm = crypto_skcipher_reqtfm(req);
memzero_explicit(req, sizeof(*req) + crypto_skcipher_reqsize(tfm));
* skcipher_request_set_callback() - set asynchronous callback function
* @req: request handle
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