Commit 1d5df6af authored by Christoph Hellwig's avatar Christoph Hellwig

nvme: don't blindly overwrite identifiers on disk revalidate

Instead validate that these identifiers do not change, as that is
prohibited by the specification.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristoph Hellwig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKeith Busch <>
parent cdbff4f2
......@@ -1236,6 +1236,8 @@ static int nvme_revalidate_disk(struct gendisk *disk)
struct nvme_ns *ns = disk->private_data;
struct nvme_ctrl *ctrl = ns->ctrl;
struct nvme_id_ns *id;
u8 eui64[8] = { 0 }, nguid[16] = { 0 };
uuid_t uuid = uuid_null;
int ret = 0;
if (test_bit(NVME_NS_DEAD, &ns->flags)) {
......@@ -1252,7 +1254,15 @@ static int nvme_revalidate_disk(struct gendisk *disk)
goto out;
nvme_report_ns_ids(ctrl, ns->ns_id, id, ns->eui, ns->nguid, &ns->uuid);
nvme_report_ns_ids(ctrl, ns->ns_id, id, eui64, nguid, &uuid);
if (!uuid_equal(&ns->uuid, &uuid) ||
memcmp(&ns->nguid, &nguid, sizeof(ns->nguid)) ||
memcmp(&ns->eui, &eui64, sizeof(ns->eui))) {
"identifiers changed for nsid %d\n", ns->ns_id);
ret = -ENODEV;
return ret;
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