Commit 22b4a4f2 authored by Eric Dumazet's avatar Eric Dumazet Committed by David S. Miller
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tcp: fix retransmit of partially acked frames

Alexander Beregalov reported skb_over_panic errors and provided stack

I occurs commit a21d4572

 (tcp: avoid order-1 allocations on wifi and
tx path) added a regression, when a retransmit is done after a partial

tcp_retransmit_skb() tries to aggregate several frames if the first one
has enough available room to hold the following ones payload. This is
controlled by /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_retrans_collapse tunable (default :

Problem is we must make sure _pskb_trim_head() doesnt fool
skb_availroom() when pulling some bytes from skb (this pull is done when
receiver ACK part of the frame).

Reported-by: default avatarAlexander Beregalov <>
Cc: Marc MERLIN <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Dumazet <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 56fa9b16
......@@ -1096,6 +1096,7 @@ static void __pskb_trim_head(struct sk_buff *skb, int len)
eat = min_t(int, len, skb_headlen(skb));
if (eat) {
__skb_pull(skb, eat);
skb->avail_size -= eat;
len -= eat;
if (!len)
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