Commit 23d80039 authored by Stanislav Lisovskiy's avatar Stanislav Lisovskiy Committed by Lyude Paul
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drm/dp_mst: Check if primary mstb is null

Unfortunately drm_dp_get_mst_branch_device which is called from both
drm_dp_mst_handle_down_rep and drm_dp_mst_handle_up_rep seem to rely
on that mgr->mst_primary is not NULL, which seem to be wrong as it can be
cleared with simultaneous mode set, if probing fails or in other case.
mgr->lock mutex doesn't protect against that as it might just get
assigned to NULL right before, not simultaneously.

There are currently bugs 107738, 108616 bugs which crash in
drm_dp_get_mst_branch_device, caused by this issue.

v2: Refactored the code, as it was nicely noticed.
    Fixed Bugzilla bug numbers(second was 108616, but not 108816)
    and added links.

[changed title and added stable cc]
Signed-off-by: default avatarLyude Paul <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarStanislav Lisovskiy <>
parent cf3d02a1
......@@ -1275,6 +1275,9 @@ static struct drm_dp_mst_branch *drm_dp_get_mst_branch_device(struct drm_dp_mst_
mstb = mgr->mst_primary;
if (!mstb)
goto out;
for (i = 0; i < lct - 1; i++) {
int shift = (i % 2) ? 0 : 4;
int port_num = (rad[i / 2] >> shift) & 0xf;
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