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ftrace: add kernel command line function filtering

When using ftrace=function on the command line to trace functions
on boot up, one can not filter out functions that are commonly called.

This patch adds two new ftrace command line commands.


Where function-list is a comma separated list of functions to filter.
The ftrace_notrace will make the functions listed not be included
in the function tracing, and ftrace_filter will only trace the functions

These two act the same as the debugfs/tracing/set_ftrace_notrace and
debugfs/tracing/set_ftrace_filter respectively.

The simple glob expressions that are allowed by the filter files can also
be used by the command line interface.


Will not trace any function that starts with rcu, ends with lock, or has
the word spin in it.

Note, if the self tests are enabled, they may interfere with the filtering
set by the command lines.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Rostedt <>
parent f2aebaee
......@@ -751,12 +751,25 @@ and is between 256 and 4096 characters. It is defined in the file
ia64_pal_cache_flush instead of SAL_CACHE_FLUSH.
[ftrace] will set and start the specified tracer
[FTRACE] will set and start the specified tracer
as early as possible in order to facilitate early
boot debugging.
[ftrace] will dump the trace buffers on oops.
[FTRACE] will dump the trace buffers on oops.
[FTRACE] Limit the functions traced by the function
tracer at boot up. function-list is a comma separated
list of functions. This list can be changed at run
time by the set_ftrace_filter file in the debugfs
tracing directory.
[FTRACE] Do not trace the functions specified in
function-list. This list can be changed at run time
by the set_ftrace_notrace file in the debugfs
tracing directory.[2|3]=
[HW,JOY] Multisystem joystick and NES/SNES/PSX pad
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
#include <trace/events/sched.h>
#include <asm/ftrace.h>
#include <asm/setup.h>
#include "trace_output.h"
#include "trace_stat.h"
......@@ -2369,6 +2370,45 @@ void ftrace_set_notrace(unsigned char *buf, int len, int reset)
ftrace_set_regex(buf, len, reset, 0);
* command line interface to allow users to set filters on boot up.
static char ftrace_notrace_buf[FTRACE_FILTER_SIZE] __initdata;
static char ftrace_filter_buf[FTRACE_FILTER_SIZE] __initdata;
static int __init set_ftrace_notrace(char *str)
strncpy(ftrace_notrace_buf, str, FTRACE_FILTER_SIZE);
return 1;
__setup("ftrace_notrace=", set_ftrace_notrace);
static int __init set_ftrace_filter(char *str)
strncpy(ftrace_filter_buf, str, FTRACE_FILTER_SIZE);
return 1;
__setup("ftrace_filter=", set_ftrace_filter);
static void __init set_ftrace_early_filter(char *buf, int enable)
char *func;
while (buf) {
func = strsep(&buf, ",");
ftrace_set_regex(func, strlen(func), 0, enable);
static void __init set_ftrace_early_filters(void)
if (ftrace_filter_buf[0])
set_ftrace_early_filter(ftrace_filter_buf, 1);
if (ftrace_notrace_buf[0])
set_ftrace_early_filter(ftrace_notrace_buf, 0);
static int
ftrace_regex_release(struct inode *inode, struct file *file, int enable)
......@@ -2829,6 +2869,8 @@ void __init ftrace_init(void)
if (ret)
pr_warning("Failed to register trace ftrace module notifier\n");
ftrace_disabled = 1;
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