Commit 33875f03 authored by Michael Ellerman's avatar Michael Ellerman Committed by Benjamin Herrenschmidt
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powerpc/cell: Use pr_devel() in axon_msi.c

pr_debug() can now result in code being generated even when DEBUG
is not defined. That's not really desirable in some places.


size before:
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
   7083    1616       0    8699    21fb arch/powerpc/../axon_msi.o

size after:
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
   5772    1208       0    6980    1b44 arch/powerpc/../axon_msi.o
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Ellerman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBenjamin Herrenschmidt <>
parent 29e5fa59
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ static inline void axon_msi_debug_setup(struct device_node *dn,
static void msic_dcr_write(struct axon_msic *msic, unsigned int dcr_n, u32 val)
pr_debug("axon_msi: dcr_write(0x%x, 0x%x)\n", val, dcr_n);
pr_devel("axon_msi: dcr_write(0x%x, 0x%x)\n", val, dcr_n);
dcr_write(msic->dcr_host, dcr_n, val);
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ static void axon_msi_cascade(unsigned int irq, struct irq_desc *desc)
int retry = 0;
write_offset = dcr_read(msic->dcr_host, MSIC_WRITE_OFFSET_REG);
pr_debug("axon_msi: original write_offset 0x%x\n", write_offset);
pr_devel("axon_msi: original write_offset 0x%x\n", write_offset);
/* write_offset doesn't wrap properly, so we have to mask it */
write_offset &= MSIC_FIFO_SIZE_MASK;
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ static void axon_msi_cascade(unsigned int irq, struct irq_desc *desc)
msi = le32_to_cpu(msic->fifo_virt[idx]);
msi &= 0xFFFF;
pr_debug("axon_msi: woff %x roff %x msi %x\n",
pr_devel("axon_msi: woff %x roff %x msi %x\n",
write_offset, msic->read_offset, msi);
if (msi < NR_IRQS && irq_map[msi].host == msic->irq_host) {
......@@ -123,12 +123,12 @@ static void axon_msi_cascade(unsigned int irq, struct irq_desc *desc)
pr_debug("axon_msi: invalid irq 0x%x!\n", msi);
pr_devel("axon_msi: invalid irq 0x%x!\n", msi);
if (retry) {
pr_debug("axon_msi: late irq 0x%x, retry %d\n",
pr_devel("axon_msi: late irq 0x%x, retry %d\n",
msi, retry);
retry = 0;
......@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ static int axon_msi_shutdown(struct of_device *device)
struct axon_msic *msic = dev_get_drvdata(&device->dev);
u32 tmp;
pr_debug("axon_msi: disabling %s\n",
pr_devel("axon_msi: disabling %s\n",
tmp = dcr_read(msic->dcr_host, MSIC_CTRL_REG);
......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ static int axon_msi_probe(struct of_device *device,
unsigned int virq;
int dcr_base, dcr_len;
pr_debug("axon_msi: setting up dn %s\n", dn->full_name);
pr_devel("axon_msi: setting up dn %s\n", dn->full_name);
msic = kzalloc(sizeof(struct axon_msic), GFP_KERNEL);
if (!msic) {
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ static int axon_msi_probe(struct of_device *device,
set_irq_data(virq, msic);
set_irq_chained_handler(virq, axon_msi_cascade);
pr_debug("axon_msi: irq 0x%x setup for axon_msi\n", virq);
pr_devel("axon_msi: irq 0x%x setup for axon_msi\n", virq);
/* Enable the MSIC hardware */
msic_dcr_write(msic, MSIC_BASE_ADDR_HI_REG, msic->fifo_phys >> 32);
......@@ -484,13 +484,13 @@ void axon_msi_debug_setup(struct device_node *dn, struct axon_msic *msic)
addr = of_translate_address(dn, of_get_property(dn, "reg", NULL));
if (addr == OF_BAD_ADDR) {
pr_debug("axon_msi: couldn't translate reg property\n");
pr_devel("axon_msi: couldn't translate reg property\n");
msic->trigger = ioremap(addr, 0x4);
if (!msic->trigger) {
pr_debug("axon_msi: ioremap failed\n");
pr_devel("axon_msi: ioremap failed\n");
......@@ -498,7 +498,7 @@ void axon_msi_debug_setup(struct device_node *dn, struct axon_msic *msic)
if (!debugfs_create_file(name, 0600, powerpc_debugfs_root,
msic, &fops_msic)) {
pr_debug("axon_msi: debugfs_create_file failed!\n");
pr_devel("axon_msi: debugfs_create_file failed!\n");
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