Commit 37c7c6c7 authored by Ming Lei's avatar Ming Lei Committed by Jens Axboe
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blk-mq: remove code for dealing with remapping queue

Firstly, from commit 4b855ad3

 ("blk-mq: Create hctx for each present CPU),
blk-mq doesn't remap queue any more after CPU topo is changed.

Secondly, set->nr_hw_queues can't be bigger than nr_cpu_ids, and now we map
all possible CPUs to hw queues, so at least one CPU is mapped to each hctx.

So queue mapping has became static and fixed just like percpu variable, and
we don't need to handle queue remapping any more.

Cc: Stefan Haberland <>
Tested-by: default avatarChristian Borntraeger <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristoph Hellwig <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarSagi Grimberg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMing Lei <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJens Axboe <>
parent 127276c6
......@@ -2329,7 +2329,7 @@ static void blk_mq_free_map_and_requests(struct blk_mq_tag_set *set,
static void blk_mq_map_swqueue(struct request_queue *q)
unsigned int i, hctx_idx;
unsigned int i;
struct blk_mq_hw_ctx *hctx;
struct blk_mq_ctx *ctx;
struct blk_mq_tag_set *set = q->tag_set;
......@@ -2346,23 +2346,8 @@ static void blk_mq_map_swqueue(struct request_queue *q)
* Map software to hardware queues.
* If the cpu isn't present, the cpu is mapped to first hctx.
for_each_possible_cpu(i) {
hctx_idx = q->mq_map[i];
/* unmapped hw queue can be remapped after CPU topo changed */
if (!set->tags[hctx_idx] &&
!__blk_mq_alloc_rq_map(set, hctx_idx)) {
* If tags initialization fail for some hctx,
* that hctx won't be brought online. In this
* case, remap the current ctx to hctx[0] which
* is guaranteed to always have tags allocated
q->mq_map[i] = 0;
ctx = per_cpu_ptr(q->queue_ctx, i);
hctx = blk_mq_map_queue(q, i);
......@@ -2374,21 +2359,8 @@ static void blk_mq_map_swqueue(struct request_queue *q)
queue_for_each_hw_ctx(q, hctx, i) {
* If no software queues are mapped to this hardware queue,
* disable it and free the request entries.
if (!hctx->nr_ctx) {
/* Never unmap queue 0. We need it as a
* fallback in case of a new remap fails
* allocation
if (i && set->tags[i])
blk_mq_free_map_and_requests(set, i);
hctx->tags = NULL;
/* every hctx should get mapped by at least one CPU */
hctx->tags = set->tags[i];
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