Commit 3a553147 authored by Jaswinder Singh Rajput's avatar Jaswinder Singh Rajput Committed by Ralf Baechle
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MIPS: ioctl.h: Fix headers_check warnings

Make ioctl.h compatible with asm-generic/ioctl.h and userspace

fix the following 'make headers_check' warning:

  usr/include/asm-mips/ioctl.h:64: extern's make no sense in userspace

Signed-off-by: default avatarJaswinder Singh Rajput <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRalf Baechle <>
parent e25bfc92
......@@ -60,12 +60,16 @@
((nr) << _IOC_NRSHIFT) | \
((size) << _IOC_SIZESHIFT))
#ifdef __KERNEL__
/* provoke compile error for invalid uses of size argument */
extern unsigned int __invalid_size_argument_for_IOC;
#define _IOC_TYPECHECK(t) \
((sizeof(t) == sizeof(t[1]) && \
sizeof(t) < (1 << _IOC_SIZEBITS)) ? \
sizeof(t) : __invalid_size_argument_for_IOC)
#define _IOC_TYPECHECK(t) (sizeof(t))
/* used to create numbers */
#define _IO(type, nr) _IOC(_IOC_NONE, (type), (nr), 0)
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