Commit 4257e085 authored by Heinz Mauelshagen's avatar Heinz Mauelshagen Committed by Mike Snitzer
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dm raid: support to change bitmap region size

Signed-off-by: default avatarHeinz Mauelshagen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMike Snitzer <>
parent d41bfed0
......@@ -217,6 +217,7 @@ struct raid_set {
int delta_disks;
int data_offset;
int raid10_copies;
int requested_bitmap_chunk_sectors;
struct mddev md;
struct raid_type *raid_type;
......@@ -1277,6 +1278,7 @@ static int parse_raid_params(struct raid_set *rs, struct dm_arg_set *as,
region_size = value;
rs->requested_bitmap_chunk_sectors = value;
} else if (!strcasecmp(key, dm_raid_arg_name_by_flag(CTR_FLAG_RAID10_COPIES))) {
if (test_and_set_bit(__CTR_FLAG_RAID10_COPIES, &rs->ctr_flags)) {
rs->ti->error = "Only one raid10_copies argument pair allowed";
......@@ -3401,6 +3403,15 @@ static int raid_preresume(struct dm_target *ti)
if (r)
return r;
/* Resize bitmap to adjust to changed region size (aka MD bitmap chunksize) */
if (test_bit(RT_FLAG_RS_BITMAP_LOADED, &rs->runtime_flags) &&
mddev->bitmap_info.chunksize != to_bytes(rs->requested_bitmap_chunk_sectors)) {
r = bitmap_resize(mddev->bitmap, mddev->dev_sectors,
to_bytes(rs->requested_bitmap_chunk_sectors), 0);
if (r)
DMERR("Failed to resize bitmap");
/* Check for any resize/reshape on @rs and adjust/initiate */
/* Be prepared for mddev_resume() in raid_resume() */
set_bit(MD_RECOVERY_FROZEN, &mddev->recovery);
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