Commit 58631ad1 authored by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior's avatar Sebastian Andrzej Siewior Committed by Kumar Gala
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powerpc/fsl-msi: use a different lockclass for the cascade interrupt

lockdep thinks that it might deadlock because it grabs a lock of the
same class while calling the generic_irq_handler(). This annotation will
inform lockdep that it will not.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastian Andrzej Siewior <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKumar Gala <>
parent a3ec3acd
......@@ -333,6 +333,8 @@ static int fsl_of_msi_remove(struct platform_device *ofdev)
return 0;
static struct lock_class_key fsl_msi_irq_class;
static int fsl_msi_setup_hwirq(struct fsl_msi *msi, struct platform_device *dev,
int offset, int irq_index)
......@@ -351,7 +353,7 @@ static int fsl_msi_setup_hwirq(struct fsl_msi *msi, struct platform_device *dev,
dev_err(&dev->dev, "No memory for MSI cascade data\n");
return -ENOMEM;
irq_set_lockdep_class(virt_msir, &fsl_msi_irq_class);
msi->msi_virqs[irq_index] = virt_msir;
cascade_data->index = offset;
cascade_data->msi_data = msi;
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