Commit 586c6e70 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge tag 'ktest-fix-make-min-failed-build-for-real' of...

Merge tag 'ktest-fix-make-min-failed-build-for-real' of git://

While demoing ktest at ELC in 2012, it was embarrassing that the
make_min_config test failed to work because the snowball board I was
testing it against had a config that would not build.  But the
make_min_config only tested the testing part and ignored build failures.
The end result was a config file that would not boot.

This time, for real.

* tag 'ktest-fix-make-min-failed-build-for-real' of git://
  ktest: Fix make_min_config test when build fails
parents 5ffca28a bf1c95ab
......@@ -3244,9 +3244,11 @@ sub make_min_config {
$in_bisect = 1;
my $failed = 0;
build "oldconfig";
start_monitor_and_boot or $failed = 1;
build "oldconfig" or $failed = 1;
if (!$failed) {
start_monitor_and_boot or $failed = 1;
$in_bisect = 0;
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