Commit 63a93381 authored by H Hartley Sweeten's avatar H Hartley Sweeten Committed by Greg Kroah-Hartman
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staging: comedi: ni_labpc: return bool from labpc_use_continuous_mode()

This is a simple true/false test, return bool instead of int.

Signed-off-by: default avatarH Hartley Sweeten <>
Cc: Ian Abbott <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
parent 58cd9b91
......@@ -519,16 +519,13 @@ static unsigned int labpc_suggest_transfer_size(const struct comedi_cmd *cmd)
static int labpc_use_continuous_mode(const struct comedi_cmd *cmd,
enum scan_mode mode)
static bool labpc_use_continuous_mode(const struct comedi_cmd *cmd,
enum scan_mode mode)
if (mode == MODE_SINGLE_CHAN)
return 1;
if (cmd->scan_begin_src == TRIG_FOLLOW)
return 1;
if (mode == MODE_SINGLE_CHAN || cmd->scan_begin_src == TRIG_FOLLOW)
return true;
return 0;
return false;
static unsigned int labpc_ai_convert_period(const struct comedi_cmd *cmd,
......@@ -1042,7 +1039,7 @@ static int labpc_ai_cmd(struct comedi_device *dev, struct comedi_subdevice *s)
devpriv->cmd4 |= CMD4_ECLKRCV;
/* XXX should discard first scan when using interval scanning
* since manual says it is not synced with scan clock */
if (labpc_use_continuous_mode(cmd, mode) == 0) {
if (!labpc_use_continuous_mode(cmd, mode)) {
devpriv->cmd4 |= CMD4_INTSCAN;
if (cmd->scan_begin_src == TRIG_EXT)
devpriv->cmd4 |= CMD4_EOIRCV;
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