Commit 6a2b28ef authored by David S. Miller's avatar David S. Miller
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Revert "niu: Add support for byte queue limits."

This reverts commit efa230f2


BQL doesn't work with how this driver currently only takes TX
interrupts every 1/4 of the TX ring.  That behavior needs to be fixed,
but that's a larger non-trivial task and for now we have to revert
BQL support as this makes the device currently completely unusable.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 33d5e332
......@@ -3598,7 +3598,6 @@ static int release_tx_packet(struct niu *np, struct tx_ring_info *rp, int idx)
static void niu_tx_work(struct niu *np, struct tx_ring_info *rp)
struct netdev_queue *txq;
unsigned int tx_bytes;
u16 pkt_cnt, tmp;
int cons, index;
u64 cs;
......@@ -3621,18 +3620,12 @@ static void niu_tx_work(struct niu *np, struct tx_ring_info *rp)
netif_printk(np, tx_done, KERN_DEBUG, np->dev,
"%s() pkt_cnt[%u] cons[%d]\n", __func__, pkt_cnt, cons);
tx_bytes = 0;
tmp = pkt_cnt;
while (tmp--) {
tx_bytes += rp->tx_buffs[cons].skb->len;
while (pkt_cnt--)
cons = release_tx_packet(np, rp, cons);
rp->cons = cons;
netdev_tx_completed_queue(txq, pkt_cnt, tx_bytes);
if (unlikely(netif_tx_queue_stopped(txq) &&
(niu_tx_avail(rp) > NIU_TX_WAKEUP_THRESH(rp)))) {
......@@ -4333,7 +4326,6 @@ static void niu_free_channels(struct niu *np)
struct tx_ring_info *rp = &np->tx_rings[i];
niu_free_tx_ring_info(np, rp);
netdev_tx_reset_queue(netdev_get_tx_queue(np->dev, i));
np->tx_rings = NULL;
......@@ -6739,8 +6731,6 @@ static netdev_tx_t niu_start_xmit(struct sk_buff *skb,
prod = NEXT_TX(rp, prod);
netdev_tx_sent_queue(txq, skb->len);
if (prod < rp->prod)
rp->wrap_bit ^= TX_RING_KICK_WRAP;
rp->prod = prod;
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