Commit 73104b6e authored by Miklos Szeredi's avatar Miklos Szeredi
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fuse: llseek fix race

Fix race between lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR) and read/write.  This was fixed in
generic code by commit 5b6f1eb9

 (vfs: lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR) race condition).
Signed-off-by: default avatarMiklos Szeredi <>
parent b48c6af2
......@@ -1567,6 +1567,10 @@ static loff_t fuse_file_llseek(struct file *file, loff_t offset, int origin)
offset += i_size_read(inode);
case SEEK_CUR:
if (offset == 0) {
retval = file->f_pos;
goto exit;
offset += file->f_pos;
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