Commit 73412c38 authored by Ben Skeggs's avatar Ben Skeggs Committed by Dave Airlie
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drm/nouveau: allocate kernel's notifier object at end of block

The nv30/nv40 3d driver is about to start using DMA_FENCE from the 3D
object which, it turns out, doesn't like its DMA object to not be
aligned to a 4KiB boundary.
Signed-off-by: default avatarBen Skeggs <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Airlie <>
parent b65a0e0c
......@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ nouveau_dma_init(struct nouveau_channel *chan)
return ret;
/* NV_MEMORY_TO_MEMORY_FORMAT requires a notifier object */
ret = nouveau_notifier_alloc(chan, NvNotify0, 32, &chan->m2mf_ntfy);
ret = nouveau_notifier_alloc(chan, NvNotify0, 32, 0xfd0, 0x1000,
if (ret)
return ret;
......@@ -852,7 +852,8 @@ extern const struct ttm_mem_type_manager_func nouveau_vram_manager;
extern int nouveau_notifier_init_channel(struct nouveau_channel *);
extern void nouveau_notifier_takedown_channel(struct nouveau_channel *);
extern int nouveau_notifier_alloc(struct nouveau_channel *, uint32_t handle,
int cout, uint32_t *offset);
int cout, uint32_t start, uint32_t end,
uint32_t *offset);
extern int nouveau_notifier_offset(struct nouveau_gpuobj *, uint32_t *);
extern int nouveau_ioctl_notifier_alloc(struct drm_device *, void *data,
struct drm_file *);
......@@ -96,7 +96,8 @@ nouveau_notifier_gpuobj_dtor(struct drm_device *dev,
nouveau_notifier_alloc(struct nouveau_channel *chan, uint32_t handle,
int size, uint32_t *b_offset)
int size, uint32_t start, uint32_t end,
uint32_t *b_offset)
struct drm_device *dev = chan->dev;
struct nouveau_gpuobj *nobj = NULL;
......@@ -104,9 +105,10 @@ nouveau_notifier_alloc(struct nouveau_channel *chan, uint32_t handle,
uint32_t offset;
int target, ret;
mem = drm_mm_search_free(&chan->notifier_heap, size, 0, 0);
mem = drm_mm_search_free_in_range(&chan->notifier_heap, size, 0,
start, end, 0);
if (mem)
mem = drm_mm_get_block(mem, size, 0);
mem = drm_mm_get_block_range(mem, size, 0, start, end);
if (!mem) {
NV_ERROR(dev, "Channel %d notifier block full\n", chan->id);
return -ENOMEM;
......@@ -177,7 +179,8 @@ nouveau_ioctl_notifier_alloc(struct drm_device *dev, void *data,
if (IS_ERR(chan))
return PTR_ERR(chan);
ret = nouveau_notifier_alloc(chan, na->handle, na->size, &na->offset);
ret = nouveau_notifier_alloc(chan, na->handle, na->size, 0, 0x1000,
return ret;
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