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ide: remove stale changelog/comments/TODO from ide.c

Signed-off-by: default avatarBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
parent d281e9ad
......@@ -16,10 +16,6 @@
* (usually 14 & 15).
* There can be up to two drives per interface, as per the ATA-2 spec.
* Primary: ide0, port 0x1f0; major=3; hda is minor=0; hdb is minor=64
* Secondary: ide1, port 0x170; major=22; hdc is minor=0; hdd is minor=64
* Tertiary: ide2, port 0x???; major=33; hde is minor=0; hdf is minor=64
* Quaternary: ide3, port 0x???; major=34; hdg is minor=0; hdh is minor=64
* ...
* From hd.c:
......@@ -47,80 +43,6 @@
* This was a rewrite of just about everything from hd.c, though some original
* code is still sprinkled about. Think of it as a major evolution, with
* inspiration from lots of linux users, esp.
* Version 1.0 ALPHA initial code, primary i/f working okay
* Version 1.3 BETA dual i/f on shared irq tested & working!
* Version 1.4 BETA added auto probing for irq(s)
* Version 1.5 BETA added ALPHA (untested) support for IDE cd-roms,
* ...
* Version 5.50 allow values as small as 20 for idebus=
* Version 5.51 force non io_32bit in drive_cmd_intr()
* change delay_10ms() to delay_50ms() to fix problems
* Version 5.52 fix incorrect invalidation of removable devices
* add "hdx=slow" command line option
* Version 5.60 start to modularize the driver; the disk and ATAPI
* drivers can be compiled as loadable modules.
* move IDE probe code to ide-probe.c
* move IDE disk code to ide-disk.c
* add support for generic IDE device subdrivers
* add m68k code from Geert Uytterhoeven
* probe all interfaces by default
* add ioctl to (re)probe an interface
* Version 6.00 use per device request queues
* attempt to optimize shared hwgroup performance
* add ioctl to manually adjust bandwidth algorithms
* add kerneld support for the probe module
* fix bug in ide_error()
* fix bug in the first ide_get_lock() call for Atari
* don't flush leftover data for ATAPI devices
* Version 6.01 clear hwgroup->active while the hwgroup sleeps
* support HDIO_GETGEO for floppies
* Version 6.02 fix ide_ack_intr() call
* check partition table on floppies
* Version 6.03 handle bad status bit sequencing in ide_wait_stat()
* Version 6.10 deleted old entries from this list of updates
* replaced triton.c with ide-dma.c generic PCI DMA
* added support for BIOS-enabled UltraDMA
* rename all "promise" things to "pdc4030"
* fix EZ-DRIVE handling on small disks
* Version 6.11 fix probe error in ide_scan_devices()
* fix ancient "jiffies" polling bugs
* mask all hwgroup interrupts on each irq entry
* Version 6.12 integrate ioctl and proc interfaces
* fix parsing of "idex=" command line parameter
* Version 6.13 add support for ide4/ide5 courtesy
* Version 6.14 fixed IRQ sharing among PCI devices
* Version 6.15 added SMP awareness to IDE drivers
* Version 6.16 fixed various bugs; even more SMP friendly
* Version 6.17 fix for newest EZ-Drive problem
* Version 6.18 default unpartitioned-disk translation now "BIOS LBA"
* Version 6.19 Re-design for a UNIFORM driver for all platforms,
* model based on suggestions from Russell King and
* Geert Uytterhoeven
* Promise DC4030VL now supported.
* add support for ide6/ide7
* delay_50ms() changed to ide_delay_50ms() and exported.
* Version 6.20 Added/Fixed Generic ATA-66 support and hwif detection.
* Added hdx=flash to allow for second flash disk
* detection w/o the hang loop.
* Added support for ide8/ide9
* Added idex=ata66 for the quirky chipsets that are
* ATA-66 compliant, but have yet to determine a method
* of verification of the 80c cable presence.
* Specifically Promise's PDC20262 chipset.
* Version 6.21 Fixing/Fixed SMP spinlock issue with insight from an old
* hat that clarified original low level driver design.
* Version 6.30 Added SMP support; fixed multmode issues. -ml
* Version 6.31 Debug Share INTR's and request queue streaming
* Native ATA-100 support
* Prep for Cascades Project
* Version 7.00alpha First named revision of ide rearrange
* Some additional driver compile-time options are in ./include/linux/ide.h
* To do, in likely order of completion:
* - modify kernel to obtain BIOS geometry for drives on 2nd/3rd/4th i/f
#define REVISION "Revision: 7.00alpha2"
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