Commit 81db718d authored by Kumar Gala's avatar Kumar Gala
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powerpc/fsl: use of_iomap() for rstcr mapping

The rstcr register mapping code was written sometime ago before
of_iomap() existed.  We can use it and clean up the code a bit
and get rid of one user of get_immrbase() in the process.
Signed-off-by: default avatarKumar Gala <>
parent abd7d483
......@@ -379,16 +379,10 @@ static int __init setup_rstcr(void)
struct device_node *np;
np = of_find_node_by_name(NULL, "global-utilities");
if ((np && of_get_property(np, "fsl,has-rstcr", NULL))) {
const u32 *prop = of_get_property(np, "reg", NULL);
if (prop) {
/* map reset control register
* 0xE00B0 is offset of reset control register
rstcr = ioremap(get_immrbase() + *prop + 0xB0, 0xff);
if (!rstcr)
printk (KERN_EMERG "Error: reset control "
"register not mapped!\n");
rstcr = of_iomap(np, 0) + 0xb0;
if (!rstcr)
printk (KERN_EMERG "Error: reset control register "
"not mapped!\n");
} else
printk (KERN_INFO "rstcr compatible register does not exist!\n");
if (np)
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