Commit 8545e03d authored by Sunil Mushran's avatar Sunil Mushran Committed by Joel Becker
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ocfs2: Add current->comm in trace output

Add current->comm to the standard mlog() output to help with debugging.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSunil Mushran <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJoel Becker <>
parent 96a1cc73
......@@ -194,9 +194,9 @@ extern struct mlog_bits mlog_and_bits, mlog_not_bits;
* previous token if args expands to nothing.
#define __mlog_printk(level, fmt, args...) \
printk(level "(%u,%lu):%s:%d " fmt, task_pid_nr(current), \
__mlog_cpu_guess, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __LINE__ , \
printk(level "(%s,%u,%lu):%s:%d " fmt, current->comm, \
task_pid_nr(current), __mlog_cpu_guess, \
__PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __LINE__ , ##args)
#define mlog(mask, fmt, args...) do { \
u64 __m = MLOG_MASK_PREFIX | (mask); \
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