Commit 86c27656 authored by Michael Ellerman's avatar Michael Ellerman Committed by Benjamin Herrenschmidt
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powerpc/cell: Use driver_data acessors, not platform_data in Axon MSI

The Axon MSI driver incorrectly uses platform_data, rather than
the proper accessors for driver_data.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Ellerman <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBenjamin Herrenschmidt <>
parent e468455e
......@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@ static struct irq_host_ops msic_host_ops = {
static int axon_msi_shutdown(struct of_device *device)
struct axon_msic *msic = device->dev.platform_data;
struct axon_msic *msic = dev_get_drvdata(&device->dev);
u32 tmp;
pr_debug("axon_msi: disabling %s\n",
......@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ static int axon_msi_probe(struct of_device *device,
msic->read_offset = dcr_read(msic->dcr_host, MSIC_WRITE_OFFSET_REG)
device->dev.platform_data = msic;
dev_set_drvdata(&device->dev, msic);
ppc_md.setup_msi_irqs = axon_msi_setup_msi_irqs;
ppc_md.teardown_msi_irqs = axon_msi_teardown_msi_irqs;
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