Commit 8ac98a35 authored by Takashi Sakamoto's avatar Takashi Sakamoto Committed by Takashi Iwai
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ALSA: bebob: Add support for Yamaha GO series

This commit allows this driver to support all of models which Yamaha produced
with DM1000/BeBoB. They are:
 - GO44
 - GO46

This commit adds Yamaha specific operations. To get source of clock, AV/C Audio
Subunit command is used.

I note that their appearances are similar to some models of TerraTec; 'Go44' is
similar to 'PHASE 24 FW' and 'GO46' is similar to 'PHASE X24 FW'. But their
combination of Audio/Music subunits is a bit different.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Sakamoto <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent 326b9cac
......@@ -111,6 +111,7 @@ config SND_BEBOB
* TerraTec PHASE 24 FW/PHASE X24 FW/PHASE 88 Rack FW
* Terratec EWS MIC2/EWS MIC4
* Terratec Aureon 7.1 Firewire
* Yamaha GO44/GO46
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module
will be called snd-bebob.
snd-bebob-objs := bebob_command.o bebob_stream.o bebob_proc.o bebob_midi.o \
bebob_pcm.o bebob_hwdep.o bebob_terratec.o bebob.o
bebob_pcm.o bebob_hwdep.o bebob_terratec.o bebob_yamaha.o \
obj-m += snd-bebob.o
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ static DECLARE_BITMAP(devices_used, SNDRV_CARDS);
#define VEN_ICON 0x00001a9e
#define VEN_PRISMSOUND 0x00001198
#define VEN_TERRATEC 0x00000aac
#define VEN_YAMAHA 0x0000a0de
static int
name_device(struct snd_bebob *bebob, unsigned int vendor_id)
......@@ -301,6 +302,10 @@ static const struct ieee1394_device_id bebob_id_table[] = {
SND_BEBOB_DEV_ENTRY(VEN_TERRATEC, 0x00000005, &spec_normal),
/* Terratec Electronic GmbH, Aureon 7.1 Firewire */
SND_BEBOB_DEV_ENTRY(VEN_TERRATEC, 0x00000002, &spec_normal),
/* Yamaha, GO44 */
SND_BEBOB_DEV_ENTRY(VEN_YAMAHA, 0x0010000b, &yamaha_go_spec),
/* YAMAHA, GO46 */
SND_BEBOB_DEV_ENTRY(VEN_YAMAHA, 0x0010000c, &yamaha_go_spec),
/* IDs are unknown but able to be supported */
/* Apogee, Mini-ME Firewire */
/* Apogee, Mini-DAC Firewire */
......@@ -227,6 +227,7 @@ int snd_bebob_create_hwdep_device(struct snd_bebob *bebob);
/* model specific operations */
extern struct snd_bebob_spec phase88_rack_spec;
extern struct snd_bebob_spec phase24_series_spec;
extern struct snd_bebob_spec yamaha_go_spec;
#define SND_BEBOB_DEV_ENTRY(vendor, model, data) \
{ \
* bebob_yamaha.c - a part of driver for BeBoB based devices
* Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Takashi Sakamoto
* Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.
#include "./bebob.h"
* Yamaha GO44 is not designed to be used as stand-alone mixer. So any streams
* must be accompanied. If changing the state, a LED on the device starts to
* blink and its sync status is false. In this state, the device sounds nothing
* even if streaming. To start streaming at the current sampling rate is only
* way to revocer this state. GO46 is better for stand-alone mixer.
* Both of them have a capability to change its sampling rate up to 192.0kHz.
* At 192.0kHz, the device reports 4 PCM-in, 1 MIDI-in, 6 PCM-out, 1 MIDI-out.
* But Yamaha's driver reduce 2 PCM-in, 1 MIDI-in, 2 PCM-out, 1 MIDI-out to use
* 'Extended Stream Format Information Command - Single Request' in 'Additional
* AVC commands' defined by BridgeCo.
* This ALSA driver don't do this because a bit tiresome. Then isochronous
* streaming with many asynchronous transactions brings sounds with noises.
* Unfortunately current 'ffado-mixer' generated many asynchronous transaction
* to observe device's state, mainly check cmp connection and signal format. I
* reccomend users to close ffado-mixer at 192.0kHz if mixer is needless.
static char *const clk_src_labels[] = {SND_BEBOB_CLOCK_INTERNAL, "SPDIF"};
static int
clk_src_get(struct snd_bebob *bebob, unsigned int *id)
return avc_audio_get_selector(bebob->unit, 0, 4, id);
static struct snd_bebob_clock_spec clock_spec = {
.num = ARRAY_SIZE(clk_src_labels),
.labels = clk_src_labels,
.get = &clk_src_get,
static struct snd_bebob_rate_spec rate_spec = {
.get = &snd_bebob_stream_get_rate,
.set = &snd_bebob_stream_set_rate,
struct snd_bebob_spec yamaha_go_spec = {
.clock = &clock_spec,
.rate = &rate_spec,
.meter = NULL
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