Commit 96de37b6 authored by Steven Rostedt's avatar Steven Rostedt Committed by Steven Rostedt
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tracing: Fix compile error when static ftrace is enabled

The stack tracer uses the call ftrace_set_early_filter() function
to allow the stack tracer to pick its own functions on boot.
But this function is not defined if dynamic ftrace is not set.
This causes a compiler error when stack tracer is enabled and
dynamic ftrace is not.
Reported-by: default avatarIngo Molnar <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarSteven Rostedt <>
parent 38b78eb8
......@@ -339,6 +339,7 @@ static inline int ftrace_text_reserved(void *start, void *end)
* functions may still be called. Use a macro instead of inline.
#define ftrace_regex_open(ops, flag, inod, file) ({ -ENODEV; })
#define ftrace_set_early_filter(ops, buf, enable) do { } while (0)
static inline ssize_t ftrace_filter_write(struct file *file, const char __user *ubuf,
size_t cnt, loff_t *ppos) { return -ENODEV; }
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