Commit 9be37d2a authored by Jozsef Kadlecsik's avatar Jozsef Kadlecsik
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netfilter: ipset: Collapse same condition body to a single one

The set full case (with net_ratelimit()-ed pr_warn()) is already
handled, simply jump there.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJozsef Kadlecsik <>
parent 21956ab2
......@@ -719,14 +719,8 @@ mtype_add(struct ip_set *set, void *value, const struct ip_set_ext *ext,
key = HKEY(value, h->initval, t->htable_bits);
n = __ipset_dereference_protected(hbucket(t, key), 1);
if (!n) {
if (forceadd) {
if (net_ratelimit())
pr_warn("Set %s is full, maxelem %u reached\n",
set->name, h->maxelem);
} else if (set->elements >= h->maxelem) {
if (forceadd || set->elements >= h->maxelem)
goto set_full;
old = NULL;
n = kzalloc(sizeof(*n) + AHASH_INIT_SIZE * set->dsize,
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