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Merge tag 'armsoc-dt64' of git://

Pull ARM 64-bit DT updates from Arnd Bergmann:
 "Device-tree updates for arm64 platforms. For the first time I can
  remember, this is actually larger than the corresponding branch for
  32-bit platforms overall, though that has more individual changes.

  A significant portion this time is due to added machine support:

   - Initial support for the Realtek RTD1295 SoC, along with the Zidoo
     X9S set-top-box

   - Initial support for Actions Semi S900 and the Bubblegum-96

   - Rockchips support for the rk3399-Firefly single-board-computer gets
     added, this one stands out for being relatively fast, affordable
     and well₋supported, compared to many boards that only fall into one
     or two of the above categories.

   - Mediatek gains support for the mt6797 mobile-phone SoC platform and
     corresponding evaluation board.

   - Amlogic board support gets added for the NanoPi K2 and S905x
     LibreTech CC single-board computers and the R-Box Pro set-top-box

   - Allwinner board support gets added for the OrangePi Win, Orangepi
     Zero Plus 2, NanoPi NEO2 and Orange Pi Prime single board computers
     and the SoPine system-on-module.

   - Renesas board support for Salvator-XS and H3ULCB automotive
     development systems.

   - Socionext Uniphier board support for LD11-global and LD20-global,
     whatever those may be.

   - Broadcom adds support for the new Stingray communication processor
     in its iProc family, along with two reference boards.

  Other updates include:

   - For the hisicon platform, support for Hi3660-Hikey960 gets extended

   - Lots of smaller updates for Renesas, Amlogic, Rockchip, UniPhier,
     Broadcom, Allwinner, Hisilicon, Qualcomm, Marvell, and NXP"

* tag 'armsoc-dt64' of git:// (243 commits)
  ARM64: dts: marvell: armada37xx: Fix timer interrupt specifiers
  Revert "arm64: dts: marvell: add dma-mask in crypto nodes for 7k/8k"
  arm64: dts: mediatek: don't include missing file
  ARM64: dts: meson-gxl: Add Libre Technology CC support
  dt-bindings: arm: amlogic: Add Libre Technology CC board
  dt-bindings: add Libre Technology vendor prefix
  arm64: dts: marvell: enable GICP and ICU on Armada 7K/8K
  arm64: dts: zte: Use - instead of @ for DT OPP entries
  arm64: dts: marvell: add gpio support for Armada 7K/8K
  arm64: dts: marvell: add pinctrl support for Armada 7K/8K
  arm64: dts: marvell: use new binding for the system controller on cp110
  arm64: dts: marvell: remove *-clock-output-names on cp110
  arm64: dts: marvell: use new bindings for xor clocks on ap806
  arm64: dts: marvell: mcbin: enable the mdio node
  arm64: dts: Add Actions Semi S900 and Bubblegum-96
  dt-bindings: Add vendor prefix for uCRobotics
  arm64: dts: marvell: add xmdio nodes for 7k/8k
  arm64: dts: marvell: add a comment on the cp110 slave node status
  arm64: dts: marvell: remove cpm crypto nodes from dts files
  arm64: dts: marvell: cp110: enable the crypto engine at the SoC level
parents e8547112 ac548add
......@@ -29,26 +29,35 @@ Boards with the Amlogic Meson GXM S912 SoC shall have the following properties:
Required root node property:
compatible: "amlogic,s912", "amlogic,meson-gxm";
Board compatible values:
Board compatible values (alphabetically, grouped by SoC):
- "geniatech,atv1200" (Meson6)
- "minix,neo-x8" (Meson8)
- "tronfy,mxq" (Meson8b)
- "hardkernel,odroid-c1" (Meson8b)
- "tronfy,mxq" (Meson8b)
- "amlogic,p200" (Meson gxbb)
- "amlogic,p201" (Meson gxbb)
- "friendlyarm,nanopi-k2" (Meson gxbb)
- "hardkernel,odroid-c2" (Meson gxbb)
- "nexbox,a95x" (Meson gxbb or Meson gxl s905x)
- "tronsmart,vega-s95-pro", "tronsmart,vega-s95" (Meson gxbb)
- "tronsmart,vega-s95-meta", "tronsmart,vega-s95" (Meson gxbb)
- "tronsmart,vega-s95-telos", "tronsmart,vega-s95" (Meson gxbb)
- "hardkernel,odroid-c2" (Meson gxbb)
- "amlogic,p200" (Meson gxbb)
- "amlogic,p201" (Meson gxbb)
- "wetek,hub" (Meson gxbb)
- "wetek,play2" (Meson gxbb)
- "amlogic,p212" (Meson gxl s905x)
- "hwacom,amazetv" (Meson gxl s905x)
- "khadas,vim" (Meson gxl s905x)
- "libretech,cc" (Meson gxl s905x)
- "amlogic,p230" (Meson gxl s905d)
- "amlogic,p231" (Meson gxl s905d)
- "hwacom,amazetv" (Meson gxl s905x)
- "amlogic,q200" (Meson gxm s912)
- "amlogic,q201" (Meson gxm s912)
- "nexbox,a95x" (Meson gxbb or Meson gxl s905x)
- "kingnovel,r-box-pro" (Meson gxm S912)
- "nexbox,a1" (Meson gxm s912)
Broadcom Stingray device tree bindings
Boards with Stingray shall have the following properties:
Required root node property:
Stingray Combo SVK board
compatible = "brcm,bcm958742k", "brcm,stingray";
Stingray SST100 board
compatible = "brcm,bcm958742t", "brcm,stingray";
......@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ Hi3660 SoC
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "hisilicon,hi3660";
HiKey960 Board
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "hisilicon,hi3660-hikey960", "hisilicon,hi3660";
Hi3798cv200 SoC
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "hisilicon,hi3798cv200";
......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ compatible: Must contain one of
......@@ -38,6 +40,12 @@ Supported boards:
- Evaluation board for MT6795(Helio X10):
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "mediatek,mt6795-evb", "mediatek,mt6795";
- Evaluation board for MT6797(Helio X20):
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "mediatek,mt6797-evb", "mediatek,mt6797";
- Reference board variant 1 for MT7622:
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "mediatek,mt7622-rfb1", "mediatek,mt7622";
- Evaluation board for MT7623:
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "mediatek,mt7623-evb", "mediatek,mt7623";
Realtek platforms device tree bindings
RTD1295 SoC
Required root node properties:
- compatible : must contain "realtek,rtd1295"
Root node property compatible must contain, depending on board:
- Zidoo X9S: "zidoo,x9s"
compatible = "zidoo,x9s", "realtek,rtd1295";
......@@ -42,6 +42,10 @@ Rockchip platforms device tree bindings
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "firefly,firefly-rk3288-reload", "rockchip,rk3288";
- Firefly Firefly-RK3399 board:
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "firefly,firefly-rk3399", "rockchip,rk3399";
- ChipSPARK PopMetal-RK3288 board:
Required root node properties:
- compatible = "chipspark,popmetal-rk3288", "rockchip,rk3288";
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Binding for Freescale QorIQ AHCI SATA Controller
Required properties:
- reg: Physical base address and size of the controller's register area.
- compatible: Compatibility string. Must be 'fsl,<chip>-ahci', where
chip could be ls1021a, ls1043a, ls1046a, ls2080a etc.
chip could be ls1021a, ls1043a, ls1046a, ls1088a, ls2080a etc.
- clocks: Input clock specifier. Refer to common clock bindings.
- interrupts: Interrupt specifier. Refer to interrupt binding.
......@@ -219,3 +219,79 @@ BCM63138
PLL and leaf clock compatible strings for BCM63138 are:
PLL and leaf clock compatible strings for Stingray are:
The following table defines the set of PLL/clock index and ID for Stingray.
These clock IDs are defined in:
Clock Source Index ID
--- ----- ----- ---------
crystal N/A N/A N/A
crmu_ref25m crystal N/A N/A
genpll0 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL0
clk_125m genpll0 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL0_125M_CLK
clk_scr genpll0 2 BCM_SR_GENPLL0_SCR_CLK
clk_250 genpll0 3 BCM_SR_GENPLL0_250M_CLK
clk_pcie_axi genpll0 4 BCM_SR_GENPLL0_PCIE_AXI_CLK
clk_paxc_axi_x2 genpll0 5 BCM_SR_GENPLL0_PAXC_AXI_X2_CLK
clk_paxc_axi genpll0 6 BCM_SR_GENPLL0_PAXC_AXI_CLK
genpll1 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL1
clk_pcie_tl genpll1 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL1_PCIE_TL_CLK
clk_mhb_apb genpll1 2 BCM_SR_GENPLL1_MHB_APB_CLK
genpll2 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL2
clk_nic genpll2 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL2_NIC_CLK
clk_ts_500_ref genpll2 2 BCM_SR_GENPLL2_TS_500_REF_CLK
clk_125_nitro genpll2 3 BCM_SR_GENPLL2_125_NITRO_CLK
clk_chimp genpll2 4 BCM_SR_GENPLL2_CHIMP_CLK
clk_nic_flash genpll2 5 BCM_SR_GENPLL2_NIC_FLASH
genpll3 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL3
clk_hsls genpll3 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL3_HSLS_CLK
clk_sdio genpll3 2 BCM_SR_GENPLL3_SDIO_CLK
genpll4 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL4
ccn genpll4 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL4_CCN_CLK
clk_tpiu_pll genpll4 2 BCM_SR_GENPLL4_TPIU_PLL_CLK
noc_clk genpll4 3 BCM_SR_GENPLL4_NOC_CLK
clk_chclk_fs4 genpll4 4 BCM_SR_GENPLL4_CHCLK_FS4_CLK
clk_bridge_fscpu genpll4 5 BCM_SR_GENPLL4_BRIDGE_FSCPU_CLK
genpll5 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL5
fs4_hf_clk genpll5 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL5_FS4_HF_CLK
crypto_ae_clk genpll5 2 BCM_SR_GENPLL5_CRYPTO_AE_CLK
raid_ae_clk genpll5 3 BCM_SR_GENPLL5_RAID_AE_CLK
genpll6 crystal 0 BCM_SR_GENPLL6
48_usb genpll6 1 BCM_SR_GENPLL6_48_USB_CLK
lcpll0 crystal 0 BCM_SR_LCPLL0
clk_sata_refp lcpll0 1 BCM_SR_LCPLL0_SATA_REFP_CLK
clk_sata_refn lcpll0 2 BCM_SR_LCPLL0_SATA_REFN_CLK
clk_usb_ref lcpll0 3 BCM_SR_LCPLL0_USB_REF_CLK
sata_refpn lcpll0 3 BCM_SR_LCPLL0_SATA_REFPN_CLK
lcpll1 crystal 0 BCM_SR_LCPLL1
wan lcpll1 1 BCM_SR_LCPLL0_WAN_CLK
lcpll_pcie crystal 0 BCM_SR_LCPLL_PCIE
pcie_phy_ref lcpll1 1 BCM_SR_LCPLL_PCIE_PHY_REF_CLK
......@@ -4,11 +4,11 @@ The Mediatek's I2C controller is used to interface with I2C devices.
Required properties:
- compatible: value should be either of the following.
(a) "mediatek,mt6577-i2c", for i2c compatible with mt6577 i2c.
(b) "mediatek,mt6589-i2c", for i2c compatible with mt6589 i2c.
(c) "mediatek,mt8127-i2c", for i2c compatible with mt8127 i2c.
(d) "mediatek,mt8135-i2c", for i2c compatible with mt8135 i2c.
(e) "mediatek,mt8173-i2c", for i2c compatible with mt8173 i2c.
"mediatek,mt2701-i2c", "mediatek,mt6577-i2c": for Mediatek mt2701
"mediatek,mt6577-i2c": for i2c compatible with mt6577.
"mediatek,mt6589-i2c": for i2c compatible with mt6589.
"mediatek,mt7623-i2c", "mediatek,mt6577-i2c": for i2c compatible with mt7623.
"mediatek,mt8173-i2c": for i2c compatible with mt8173.
- reg: physical base address of the controller and dma base, length of memory
mapped region.
- interrupts: interrupt number to the cpu.
+Mediatek 65xx/67xx/81xx sysirq
+Mediatek MT65xx/MT67xx/MT81xx sysirq
Mediatek SOCs sysirq support controllable irq inverter for each GIC SPI
Required properties:
- compatible: should be one of:
- compatible: should be
"mediatek,mt8173-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT8173
"mediatek,mt8135-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT8135
"mediatek,mt8127-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT8127
"mediatek,mt7622-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT7622
"mediatek,mt6795-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6795
"mediatek,mt6797-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6797
"mediatek,mt6755-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6755
"mediatek,mt6592-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6592
"mediatek,mt6589-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6589
"mediatek,mt6582-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6582
"mediatek,mt6580-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6580
"mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT6577
"mediatek,mt2701-sysirq", "mediatek,mt6577-sysirq": for MT2701
- interrupt-controller : Identifies the node as an interrupt controller
- #interrupt-cells : Use the same format as specified by GIC in arm,gic.txt.
- interrupt-parent: phandle of irq parent for sysirq. The parent must
* HI6421 Multi-Functional Device (MFD), by HiSilicon Ltd.
Required parent device properties:
- compatible : contains "hisilicon,hi6421-pmic";
- compatible : One of the following chip-specific strings:
- reg : register range space of hi6421;
Supported Hi6421 sub-devices include:
......@@ -7,6 +7,20 @@ This file documents differences between the core properties described
by mmc.txt and the properties used by the sdhci-esdhc driver.
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "fsl,esdhc", or "fsl,<chip>-esdhc".
Possible compatibles for PowerPC:
Possible compatibles for ARM:
- interrupt-parent : interrupt source phandle.
- clock-frequency : specifies eSDHC base clock frequency.
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ extensions to the Synopsys Designware Mobile Storage Host Controller.
Required Properties:
* compatible: should be one of the following.
- "hisilicon,hi3660-dw-mshc": for controllers with hi3660 specific extensions.
- "hisilicon,hi4511-dw-mshc": for controllers with hi4511 specific extensions.
- "hisilicon,hi6220-dw-mshc": for controllers with hi6220 specific extensions.
HiSilicon Kirin SoCs PCIe host DT description
Kirin PCIe host controller is based on Designware PCI core.
It shares common functions with PCIe Designware core driver
and inherits common properties defined in
Additional properties are described here:
Required properties
- compatible:
"hisilicon,kirin960-pcie" for PCIe of Kirin960 SoC
- reg: Should contain rc_dbi, apb, phy, config registers location and length.
- reg-names: Must include the following entries:
"dbi": controller configuration registers;
"apb": apb Ctrl register defined by Kirin;
"phy": apb PHY register defined by Kirin;
"config": PCIe configuration space registers.
- reset-gpios: The gpio to generate PCIe perst assert and deassert signal.
Optional properties:
Example based on kirin960:
pcie@f4000000 {
compatible = "hisilicon,kirin-pcie";
reg = <0x0 0xf4000000 0x0 0x1000>, <0x0 0xff3fe000 0x0 0x1000>,
<0x0 0xf3f20000 0x0 0x40000>, <0x0 0xF4000000 0 0x2000>;
reg-names = "dbi","apb","phy", "config";
bus-range = <0x0 0x1>;
#address-cells = <3>;
#size-cells = <2>;
device_type = "pci";
ranges = <0x02000000 0x0 0x00000000 0x0 0xf5000000 0x0 0x2000000>;
num-lanes = <1>;
#interrupt-cells = <1>;
interrupt-map-mask = <0xf800 0 0 7>;
interrupt-map = <0x0 0 0 1 &gic 0 0 0 282 4>,
<0x0 0 0 2 &gic 0 0 0 283 4>,
<0x0 0 0 3 &gic 0 0 0 284 4>,
<0x0 0 0 4 &gic 0 0 0 285 4>;
clocks = <&crg_ctrl HI3660_PCIEPHY_REF>,
<&crg_ctrl HI3660_CLK_GATE_PCIEAUX>,
<&crg_ctrl HI3660_PCLK_GATE_PCIE_PHY>,
<&crg_ctrl HI3660_PCLK_GATE_PCIE_SYS>,
<&crg_ctrl HI3660_ACLK_GATE_PCIE>;
clock-names = "pcie_phy_ref", "pcie_aux",
"pcie_apb_phy", "pcie_apb_sys", "pcie_aclk";
reset-gpios = <&gpio11 1 0 >;
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ Required properties:
* "mediatek,mt6589-uart" for MT6589 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt6755-uart" for MT6755 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt6795-uart" for MT6795 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt6797-uart" for MT6797 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt7622-uart" for MT7622 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt7623-uart" for MT7623 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt8127-uart" for MT8127 compatible UARTS
* "mediatek,mt8135-uart" for MT8135 compatible UARTS
......@@ -9,11 +9,14 @@ domain control.
The driver implements the Generic PM domain bindings described in
power/power_domain.txt. It provides the power domains defined in
include/dt-bindings/power/mt8173-power.h and mt2701-power.h.
- include/dt-bindings/power/mt8173-power.h
- include/dt-bindings/power/mt6797-power.h
- include/dt-bindings/power/mt2701-power.h
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be one of:
- "mediatek,mt2701-scpsys"
- "mediatek,mt6797-scpsys"
- "mediatek,mt8173-scpsys"
- #power-domain-cells: Must be 1
- reg: Address range of the SCPSYS unit
......@@ -22,6 +25,7 @@ Required properties:
These are clocks which hardware needs to be
enabled before enabling certain power domains.
Required clocks for MT2701: "mm", "mfg", "ethif"
Required clocks for MT6797: "mm", "mfg", "vdec"
Required clocks for MT8173: "mm", "mfg", "venc", "venc_lt"
Optional properties:
......@@ -166,6 +166,7 @@ keithkoep Keith & Koep GmbH
keymile Keymile GmbH
khadas Khadas
kinetic Kinetic Technologies
kingnovel Kingnovel Technology Co., Ltd.
kosagi Sutajio Ko-Usagi PTE Ltd.
kyo Kyocera Corporation
lacie LaCie
......@@ -173,6 +174,7 @@ lantiq Lantiq Semiconductor
lego LEGO Systems A/S
lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd.
lg LG Corporation
libretech Shenzhen Libre Technology Co., Ltd
licheepi Lichee Pi
linaro Linaro Limited
linux Linux-specific binding
......@@ -332,6 +334,7 @@ tronfy Tronfy
tronsmart Tronsmart
truly Truly Semiconductors Limited
tyan Tyan Computer Corporation
ucrobotics uCRobotics
udoo Udoo
uniwest United Western Technologies Corp (UniWest)
upisemi uPI Semiconductor Corp.
......@@ -357,6 +360,7 @@ xlnx Xilinx
xunlong Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited
zarlink Zarlink Semiconductor
zeitec ZEITEC Semiconductor Co., LTD.
zidoo Shenzhen Zidoo Technology Co., Ltd.
zii Zodiac Inflight Innovations
zte ZTE Corp.
zyxel ZyXEL Communications Corp.
dts-dirs += actions
dts-dirs += al
dts-dirs += allwinner
dts-dirs += altera
......@@ -14,6 +15,7 @@ dts-dirs += marvell
dts-dirs += mediatek
dts-dirs += nvidia
dts-dirs += qcom
dts-dirs += realtek
dts-dirs += renesas
dts-dirs += rockchip
dts-dirs += socionext
dtb-$(CONFIG_ARCH_ACTIONS) += s900-bubblegum-96.dtb
always := $(dtb-y)
subdir-y := $(dts-dirs)
clean-files := *.dtb
* Copyright (c) 2017 Andreas Färber
* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0+ OR MIT)
#include "s900.dtsi"
/ {
compatible = "ucrobotics,bubblegum-96", "actions,s900";
model = "Bubblegum-96";
aliases {
serial5 = &uart5;
chosen {
stdout-path = "serial5:115200n8";
memory@0 {
device_type = "memory";
reg = <0x0 0x0 0x0 0x80000000>;
&timer {
clocks = <&hosc>;
&uart5 {
status = "okay";
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